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Slash – Slash

 3/5 Rating


Having publicly fallen out with lead singers of Guns -n’ Roses and Velvet Revolver (and having worked his way through two singers for his own Snakepit), Slash has had a remarkable problem keeping frontmen under control. So perhaps a solo album was a predictable move. But he has done well in ensuring this is not a pure guitarists’ album. An all star line up of vocalists does not make for a consistent piece of work, indeed some of the songs wouldn’t be out of place on the singers’ own band albums, and therein lies the real problem with this collection. Ian Astbury’s contribution sounds like a Cult album track, whilst Ozzy Osbourne’s contribution sounds like one of his cosmetic solo tracks as opposed to his classic Sabbath material. The only real exception being the Kid Rock song (-I Hold On’) which sounds like it came straight out of Aerosmith’s studio.

A classic lineup but ultimately nothing exceptional – the standout track surprisingly features the tinny screech of Fergie from Black Eyed Peas; not just because of the jump-out-and-grab-ya vocals on -Beautiful Dangerous’ but also, fittingly, because of the brilliant Slash solo. -Beautiful Dangerous’ aside, you can’t help but wonder how Axl’s vocals would have sounded on -Promise’ (instead of Chris Cornell). You can hear on -Saint Is A Sinner Too’ why Slash may have felt Thom Yorke would have been ideally suited. Instead he went for the similarly waifish but distinctive vocals of the relatively obscure Rocco Deluca.

Myles Kennedy is the only person to be featured on more than one song on the album’s standard song listing (-Back From Cali’ and -Starlight’)- and this is perhaps not surprising seeing as he will be the consistent lead singer for this summer’s tour. -Starlight’ sounds like Rod Stewart but builds to a great anthemic rock song. Both songs work well and wouldn’t be out of place on a Velvet Revolver album.

This is a collectors’ nightmare and marketing man’s dream – completists of Black Sabbath, the Cult, The Red Hot Chili Peppers amongst many others will want copies of the song that their members feature on. That’s before you get into the limited editions with bonus tracks across different continents. Though Slash doesn’t stray too far from a Guns -n’ Roses formula with his mainstream releases and musical partners, Slash is a well executed classic rock album.

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  • jujuhound

    I really enjoyed this album, dream line-up, but as the review says each track was very specific to the artist, and you could be forgiven for forgetting that you are actually listening to a Slash album rather than a compilation!
    As a result,I felt that Slash took a ‘backseat’ to the each singer, possibly the reason why he can’t keep a frontman for very long! Can’t wait to hear it in Vicar Street!