by / November 9th, 2010 /

Space Dimension Controller – Temporary Thrillz

 3/5 Rating

(R & S Records)

If Jack Hamill’s recent interview with Resident Advisor is anything to go by then it’s safe to say the young Belfast man is a bit of a character. Tales of time travel aside, Space Dimension Controller has been getting a lot of attention for his fusion of house, funk and IDM since his debut LP on the Irish net label Acroplane last year. In the intermittent months the 19 year old has put out two singles and has gotten himself signed to legendary techno label R & S along with other recent signing James Blake and Pariah. There is an album in works for the RBMA Graduate, but to tide us over until then is this EP – Temporary Thrillz.

Space Dimension Controller is for people who like their house music deep and chilled. Opener ‘Mercurial Attraction’ is a slow burning, down-tempo track which shows off Hamill’s distinctive style – something like a marriage of Prince and Moodymann. With a long intro and outro Hamill builds a groovy atmosphere using a lot of ambient type sounds, something which continues throughout the EP. In a way it isn’t a million miles away from Zero7 and It would be surprising if there weren’t a few Café Del Mar compilations lying around his time machine.

The ace on this EP is definitely ‘Transatlantic Loading Bay’ – an energetic deep house banger that sees the Controller placing a funky bass riff on rolling beats to great effect. Title track ‘Temporary Thillz’ is a bit more restrained but just as good, as Hamill shows off the glitchier side of his sound.

Unfortunately a problem that some of these songs suffer from is that they take a while to get going and sometimes don’t go anywhere much and end up feeling like unfinished tracks. There’s also the strangeness of ‘Kaleidoscopic Fantasy’ which features a creepy man talking about ecstasy and a girl auto-tuning in a way that might make you grit your teeth. Despite these fairly minor shortcomings the EP is enjoyable as a whole and is a nice warm up to his forthcoming long-player.

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