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Superjimenez – Bang

 2/5 Rating


A quick look at the Wikipedia listing for Superjimenez reveals a criminal case of web deceit, with the words unique and energetic being levelled at the Dublin based foursome. Not to rain on anyone’s parade but, on the basis of Bang, Superjimenez are about as unique as what Louis Walsh peddles out annually. With enough of a live following, including a triumph at Oxegen, and sufficient media interest from all the right people, this band have a strong package to create musical success yet after hearing this record something is evidently amiss.

Superjimenez have a distinctly Irish sound, despite the varied influences they nod to. This debut album rams this fact home continuously, presenting the band as safe and devoid of any hidden surprises. The funky and suggestive album art belies the fact that Superjimenez are a quite predictable indie rock outfit desperately in need of something resembling the bang in question.

Opening track -Gojii Kids’ bemoans the gym obsessed, calorie counting culture of today. The song fails on both musical and lyrical fronts – the song is a mediocre number that seems endless despite coming in just under three minutes. Comprised of trite lyrics that are occasionally embarrassing, it becomes clear that the boys really should have chosen a better introduction to their debut foray. Successful single -Helicopters’ fares slightly better, as it is a light, summery indie-pop number that relies on the guitar parts to carry it. -Rescue Remedy’ continues the predictable indie rock vein that has dominated the alternative scene for years but sadly adds nothing new to the genre. Despite Ronan Cunningham’s attempts to pull off emotive, indie balladry, Superjimenez fail in their mission and the result is a feeling that it is the band requiring rescue. Seventh song -Somebody There’ aspires to Beatles-esque magic but gets about halfway there before stalling. Similarly, -My World’ is indie by numbers, with yelping vocals and increasingly dire lyrics -I Feel Designed’ is simply forgettable, containing an off-tune chorus and meaningless lyrics. Closing track -Hear You Now’ manages to lift the falsely titled Bang momentarily with its lively energy but as it comes in at number ten, it is unfortunately too little too late..

More than anything, the weak lyrics on Bang really let the band down, with cringeworthy lines like ‘every night I dream of winning the lottery’ dominating. Unfortunately there is not enough musical muscle to compensate for the poor lyrics. Even after repeated listens, Bang resembles a thousand other pub rock acts currently touring rural Ireland’s best venues. Undoubtedly Superjimenez will appeal to a section of Irish music lovers, particularly those with a penchant for unchallenging indie with no surprises, but for the time being, on the basis of Bang, this reviewer remains utterly unimpressed.

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  • Steve

    wow – really really harsh. Not everything can be a masterpiece and for a first release this shows signs of promise.

    though i agree that rescue remedy was very cringy…

  • Brian

    Hmmm… I have to say I COMPLETELY disagree with the author. I think your throw away review is far more “safe” and “predictable” than you have accused Superjiminez of being.

    I think this is a bloody great record – it’s fresh and honest.

    But that is the beauty of music. It’s so objective…

  • Steve

    well i dont think its a throwaway review, i have just never seen a bands first effort so harshly (and somewhat unjustly) criticised. I have listened to the album and i take these guys as something lighter, happier and more amusing than the introspective dark indie rock that gets churned out. Not everything has to be doom and gloom, there is a place for a lighter, brighter indie band. Thats where my biggest issue with the review is.

    It has its faults, sure, but there is more good than bad on that record and thats for sure.

  • Only one question (I havent actually heard the record)… This seems to be a 2/5. I’d love to see what you’d write about an album that got 1/5!

  • Stu

    hows everything goin up there in your ivory tower, Lisa?

    Christ almighty. Thats pure savagery.

    (yes, i do know the band)

  • angela

    is there something wrong with having an irish sound?
    i betcha you only like bands that sound british or american because your super cool.

  • Marianne

    This is a joke. I saw these guys play in Whelans the other night and they were savage. Cant believe this review! All other reviews i have read about Bang they got 4/5 stars.. But i suppose your entitled to your opinion lisa…i just think your wrong thats all 🙂

  • Sarah

    Lisa….did Ronan Cunningham ride you and not call you back??? Ouch!!

  • Ash

    I believe “I lie awake and dream of winning the lottery” are the actual words! (Wake-y wake-y Lisa)

    So, there are some cheesy lines, who cares – I’ve heard ALOT worse! Give these guys a break, they’re clearly just doing what they enjoy!! I bought the Album last week and I think it’s great, nice and happy and bright… offers a well needed change!

  • dan

    Finally some writing which is honest. I haven’t heard the record, and nor do I want to, but why should the author just said that it’s a good record if it isn’t? The last thing we need is more rubbish indie pop a lá the Delorentos and co. I’m glad to see that a probably deservingly scathing review has gotten past the State editors. Just cause they’re Irish doesn’t mean we are obliged to like them. And Ash, the exact words aren’t the main problem, its just the general sentiment. “Nice and happy and bright” sounds like a terribly boring album.

  • Looks like the Superjiminez street team is out in force…

  • Ash

    The words aren’t really my point either but if you’re “professional” enough to write a review then you should know your stuff inside out. I’m not too sure how happy and bright sounds boring…. shall I go lock myself in a dark room and put on some depressing music and ponder my life? What’s the point? I accept what you’re saying but like you said, you haven’t heard the Album so I don’t really know why you commented in the first place!

  • Shane

    i completely agree – It is great to see someone reviewing an album honestly. The author should definitely not say the album is good if they don’t actually think so and it does seem that the author has actually listened to it and done quite a bit of background work. Delorentos are, in my opinion shite, and maybe it’s a good thing that they are now defunct.

    A scathing review is definitely a way to put it! But seriously, i don’t think you can comment on it being a great review just by reading what someone else has written abut. You should really form your own opinions.

    Gonna go check ’em out myself

  • Sarah

    Agree with Dave – there’s a distinct ‘bang’ of Superjimenez Street Team hanging around this page.

    That said, I have always liked the Superjimenez and think on the basis of their Faye single alone, deserve more credit than they’ve got here…

    Dan, the band are nothing like the Delorentos. And leave Delorentos out of this. Sore point.

  • Oh brother. Music critic in not liking an album shocker.

  • Cov


    That is all.

  • I haven’t heard Superjiminez but that cover…woah nelly. Where are we supposed to imagine that foxy lady’s mouth has just been?

  • Probably eating a deep-fried creme egg.

  • Mel

    Bands like these should be put down. There are too many of them clouding the Irish music ‘scene’. The more honest reviews of these eejits the better, no matter how irate their fans get they’ll just be another band that play Whelans every week because they are too crap to ever achieve anything above that.

  • colm ó colm

    Niall Byrne said:

    “Probably eating a deep-fried creme egg.”

    deep fried up my ass

  • Mel

    The cover is definitely the result of ‘two girls one cup’.

  • Far too many inverted comments being posted.

  • Steve

    to “Dave” and “Sarah”

    im certainly not part of any Superjimenez Street Team – lol. I was just a slight bit shocked by the tone and the sort of bitterness of the review.

    Oh well, each to their own i suppose.

    Good luck to SuperJimenez and i look forward to reviewing Lisa’s first album… ;o)

  • Tom

    Seen these guys live but haven’t heard the record. They are awful, bland drivel. They can’t even succesfully try to be pop sell outs because they’re not even catchy. Lads, there’s an economic crisis on, I hope you’ve kept your day jobs.

  • Daniel

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Tom if you say they were rubbish at some gig, fair enough. I saw them at the weekend tho’ and honestly i thought the complete opposite. They had an unbelievable amount of energy. I can honestly say that the place was full to start with and got pretty packed by the end. I seriously don’t think anyone in the place thought they were awful. The atmosphere was incredible!

    I heard they might be playing some big gigs this summer? Sure i suppose we’ll see what happens to them from there.

  • Susanna

    Calm down! I’m not in a band nor do I understand the work that is involved in creating an album but I can only imagine it’s bloody hard work. I think fair dues to Superjimenez for following through and completing their record.

    I think people like you Mel are just such a stereotype in Ireland; not believing that Irish people can make it – always putting people down. Let them at it, if you think they are crap, fair enough, but be civil. These are guys who just want to do what they love doing. They like it, their fans like it and it’s OK if you don’t like it. But don’t berate them and tell them they should be ‘put down’. There is room for everyone in the Irish music scene. Nobody is ‘clouding’ it. Why should we all conform to a set amount of bands?

    I really think you are the ‘eejit’ on this forum…. Take a chill! It’s OK that you don’t like them…but a little bit of respect?

    Just one last point; what’s wrong with bands that play at Whelan’s every week? People go to see them…you included on occasion I’m sure.

  • Ash

    Haha, you go away for a few hours and come back to all of this! It’s a good thing though, critics are supposed to be controversial and if nothing else people are talking about this band. However, I was wondering if someone could just clarify what “music scene” you seem to be talking about?? That’s why reviews like this get to me – ALL bands should have the chance to achieve their aim and in Ireland I think I can safely say that we have only a handful of bands that actually makes it! I say give them a chance!! I guess we’ll see in the future which people will be eating their words! Also, leave Delorentos out of this! Jesus, why are they getting slated in a review about Superjimenez? Low blow.

  • Derek

    This is insane! Who the hell are Superjimenez????

    Superjimenez Street Team (if the accusations levelled are correct) – I’m disappointed that you would waste so much energy bemoaning this review. It’s one persons opinion. On – who cares?

    Fair enough, the review is ferocious but that’s music – “One man’s meat” and all that….

    It’s obvious to me that Tom, Mel and Dan are only looking to take a sneaky swipe at the band – i don’t know, maybe they are in bands too? In ireland, that’s what band’s do to eachother. It’s quite sad really.

    But apart from that, I can only commend Superjiminez for releasing an album independently and creating so much discussion on a relatively unknown internet site.

    Album cover is quite saucy too, who’s the fledgling pornstar?

  • Matthew

    Saw Superjimenez at Oxegen 2 years ago and twice since – Love the band! Critics prepare to eat your words.

  • Colm

    Great review. What a refreshing change to see some honest music journalism.To the person who said this album has been gettin 4/5 elsewhere, God that speaks volumes on the state of Irish music journalism doesn’t it.I seem to be in the minority in having actually heard this album and would agree with everything said about it in the State review.I understand it is a first effort but being a music critic is about sharing your opinion, not massaging musicians ego’s. And I am a musician stating this, not a wannabe journo. Also, I think the comment “distinctly Irish” has been taken out of context, let’s face it we all know boring Irish indie bands and although they may be lovely lads who enjoy making music, surely this is not the criteria for objectively reviewing an album now? If that was the case every piss poor Irish band out there would be getting rave reviews

  • Derek

    I’ve spent the last 25 mins on myspace litening to some tracks…

    They’re not doing anything majorly different but it’s good stuff. And it’s certainly not indie.

    The band write good pop songs. When did they become indie? Unless there’s tracks on the album that are more indie than those on their myspace, but all I can hear is a good tune and a bit of ballsy guitar. That’s not indie. Think the phrase “indie” is bandied about far too often anyway.

    Colm, give us your own thoughts on the album…being a musician. Have you got a copy of the album?

  • As a (very amateur, but reasonably experienced) music writer, there is sometimes a pressure to ‘play nice’ with the homegrown bands, though never from State, and it’s never something I’d even consider pandering to.

    I once wrote a review of a South Korean metal band which focused largely on the fact that they couldn’t string together a sentence in English, yet insisted on singing in English as it’s fashionable over there. I thought it was very relevant, as it completely ruined the album. It was the record labels condition of passing the magazine CDs after that that I never wrote another review on that label’s albums. Which is an absolute joke. Nothing wrong with a good bit of honesty. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you write, someone’s going to disagree, so the main aim has to be to get the feeling of the album across in print. Does this do that? No idea to be honest, but I’d certainly like to hear it now!

  • Shane

    Wow! Never have I seen so many comments on State.

    I haven’t heard the album if I’m to be honest. But, I’ve been unlucky enough to see them live…and how I cringed for their entire set. A guitarist wearing a bandana, a bassist who plays too many notes and dances like a twat, a singer who spits high into the air…AND, the guitarist and bassist jumped out into the crowd!……I’ll leave it to you to decide what you make of this, but to me, that screams, big ego in little bubble of fans, or, “Whelans syndrome.”

    It’s tough enough for any Irish band to survive and get somewhere. But, if Superjimenez are to do this, it won’t be by pretending and thinking that they are decent and important to the Irish music scene…they’ve got to prove it with their songs.

    They quite clearly haven’t concentrated enough on this.

    Fair play for getting the album out and giving it a go though.

  • Sarah


    OH MY GOD!


    OH MY GOD!


    OH MY GOD!

    Come on, get real. Where’s the harm in that?

    Least it sounds like there’s something goin on with their live shows which is more than can be said for a lot of bands playing these days…

  • This album is fun and dumb, sometimes you need a bit of that in life, but the lyrics and album cover are woeful.

    I think as a first album it’s not bad, probably won’t be winning any prizes but I do think this band has plenty of potential, that is if they do manage to come up with a second album as this one took a seriously long time to put together – Helicopters is the strongest song on the album, but it was released about 3 years ago.

    Agree with the 2 star rating, though they ARE quite a good live band.

  • Cov

    lol again!

  • What’s with all the ‘lols’ going on here then?
    As a music reviewer/writer/whatever myself, I always find it amusing that as soon as someone slates an album/gig/single/EP then the scathing comments come flying in thick and fast.
    A reviewer’s only obligation is to tell us what the music sounds like and what they think of it, as best and as descriptively as they can.
    There are also many of us who see writing about music as a craft and, as well as wanting to fulfil the requirements of a review, may also want to inject a bit of creativity, humour and/or personality into their piece.
    Subjectivity is the thing that readers need to remember when reading a review. Just because you like a band, doesn’t mean they are good…and vice versa.
    I recently judged a few Battle of the Bands comps and I’ll tell you, the friends of the shit bands who are going nowhere and came last on the night felt like I was the most clueless musichead in the world and that I was missing their friends’ bands’ ‘genius’.
    Subjectivity, dudes.
    All y’all (well, most y’all) need to chill, yuh feel me? (to be said aloud in an Omar from The Wire manner)
    I have never heard this band but poop-mouthed woman on front?
    10 outta 10.

  • I don’t believe that Irish acts should be afforded special treatment just because they’re one of our own. If they want to be taken seriously, they have to be praised/criticised on the same terms as the acts they appear alongside in the review section.
    To do otherwise would be to screw up the rating system and short-change the readers who buy the band’s album/show up to their gigs expecting something else, costing the publication credibility in the process.
    [I say this without making any comment on the band or review in question.]

  • antonija

    As an observer from Canada who once lived in Ireland, it never ceases to amaze me of the arrogance, criticism and sheer pettiness of those who review the local Irish musicians. Perhaps the people of Dublin should not concentrate on defining and isolating these musicians into molds but rather should support them in their endeavors to be successful. Let the musicians and artists such as Superjimenez enjoy the ride to success. Whose to say that in 10 years from now we will all associate this band with the definition of Indie or some other term/phrase.

  • Neil

    I often look on State for reviews to see what’s out, what’s new and worth buying.
    Trouble is I’ve often been stung (Ting Tings and FLApes comes to mind – think the reviewer just got too caught up in the hype surrounding both bands, branding them amazing). I thought they were both a load of twat.

    Another that comes to mind is Empire Of the Sun – quality album that was dismissed by the reviewer here a few months back.

    I do agree that Irish bands shouldn’t be afforded special treatment etc etc… but i think they should certainly be encouraged a bit better.
    I mean, this reviewer has hung Super boys out to dry imo –
    I think I’ve heard them on Phantom (could be wrong!)and i don’t remember it being too bad. I don’t remember scouring itunes to buy their tunes at the same time.

    But give them a break…they seem to be giving it a go

  • Antonija – whether the bands are Irish or not should have no impact on the review. People would quickly complain if every review for a local artist was positive, but look around the website, plenty of them are (plug: see my review of Sixteen Layers). For the record, I’m not Irish, so I don’t have any bias.

    What the album sounds like should be the only issue up for discussion. Lisa evidently doesn’t like the album. Are you really saying she should write a positive review anyway? Being blindly ‘supportive’is not what music writing is about, it’s about giving a potential audience an idea of what the music is like, so they can decide for themselves whether they’re likely to enjoy it. Without hearing the album I wouldn’t like to say if this review does that, but it sounds like you haven’t heard it either, so who are you to say it doesn’t?

    In my experience most of the writing on this site is balanced and well thought out, and on the whole fairly positive. We can’t love everything!

  • Ash

    I would think the large scale interest in this review is based on the authors pure disdain towards a band who, in my opinion don’t deserve such an attack! It seems more of a personal hatred to me. Healthy debate here but c’mon, does anyone think this will end in all these people seeing eye to eye? I think not. Lets not give this review the attention it deserves…. Like Derek said, it’s not as if this magazine (and therefore it’s writers) are a major deal anyway!

  • Tony

    just read the review and thought i better listen to this album after all theses comments. i did think that they were that bad. its catchy stuff it is quite commerical and i could defo see it being played on the radio.
    from reading thier myspace page the album was produced by Adrian Bushby Foo Fighters and Feeder.

    that is pretty good start for any band!!

  • Lisa

    fair play lads!! i like ya dont mind this lisa one. everyone to their own opinions. listen before you make your mind up

  • Stu

    to James: James you said “Being blindly ’supportive’is not what music writing is about, it’s about giving a potential audience an idea of what the music is like, so they can decide for themselves whether they’re likely to enjoy it.”

    i agree with your first line but i think that the second part of your point is not done by this reviewer. The way the band, album, lyrics, artwork is universally slammed by the reviewer would discourage completely any objective reader from listening to the album, not to mention buying it or going to see them live.

    If it was any band at all, I would still find such an attitude pretty underhanded. I agree we should encourage our homegrown bands and wish them success. If you dont like their music dont just unilaterally castrate it – offer some advice, constructive criticism etc. You can still give your 2/5 rating and get your message across that “it wasnt your cup of tea”.

    What this reviewer has done is criticise SuperJimenez for the sake of it but i am glad that, if nothing else, some people have gone and had a listen and made their own minds up about it.

    Vice President SuperJimenez Street Team 🙂

  • Telling bands that they’re great is never going to help them. Musicians rarely feed their egos off reviews, but they can, ideally, take the criticism on board and decide for themselves if it’s valid. The worst case scenario is that they dismiss it and continue what they’re doing. The idea that local bands should be treated with kid glove smacks of the same sort of twisted logic as Brian Lenihan telling me to do my “patriotic duty” and shop at Superquinn.

  • Stu – like I said, I haven’t heard the album, so I have no idea if it fulfills the second part. I cant really imagine what the band sound like from this to be fair, so perhaps you’re right. I just object to the idea of blind support.

    My point was entirely in answer to another post that said we should be more supportive of local musicians, not really about Super Jiminez as such. I would argue that while we should support a local scene, there’s no value in writing a more positive review for a band because they happen to be Irish. In fact, it would be somewhat patronising and unconstructive to do so.

    In all honesty, I wouldn’t have listened to this band if the review had been more balanced, but when I’ve got a minute I will now. So I guess they have a chance of winning over one more fan!

  • Christopher

  • Jo

    Certainly we can’t all love or like the same music but I find very odd that people are weighing in with their opinions when they HAVEN’T even listened to the album.

  • “What a refreshing change to see some honest music journalism.To the person who said this album has been gettin 4/5 elsewhere, God that speaks volumes on the state of Irish music journalism doesn’t it.”

    Totally agree with Colm here. In another publication there were 7 or 8 Irish albums getting the magical 4 out of 5 which does nothing but make you think that publication doesn’t want to rock the boat and pi$$ people off! Fair play to State for allowing this review to be published. I’m sure the easy option would have been to pass it onto a reviewer more in tune with the band! As for the comments…. lol @ and the comment about getting rode and not getting the call back! Priceless!

    [Like most people here I don’t know the music of Superjimenez too well]

  • Mel

    To Susanna,

    I don’t like this band because they are generic and extremely bland. I am not against Irish bands, I am against the inherent dullness of acts like these that think they can release one lazy record and expect to make it. Making an album is not easy but if you are going to do you might as well do it right. I watch talented Irish acts that really work their ass off and they dont get anywhere because people seem to prefer safe drivel such as this. So should I applaud and respect that? No, its too frustrating. I also dont think we should conform to certain bands but we should conform to quality but there is no accounting for taste.

    Im not going to get too wound up about it to be honest because chances are this is the last we’ll ever hear from these people. Here’s hoping anyway.

  • For those of you interested in the state of new Irish music –

  • Susanna

    Damn Mel…you seem pretty ‘wound up’ already…ouch!

  • Tom

    It’s a lousy and occasionally a deeply condescending piece of music journalism and lauding it for it’s honesty is the equivalent of lauding the news for not plucking stories out of thin air. If we start treating the bare minimum expected of music journalists as qualities to be celebrated then we are in dire critical straits.

    Declaration of interest – I have never heard Superjiminez

  • Ash

    Man, I wish I never ticked the “notify me” box for further comments… Why is everyone trying to be the one that’s right? People will always find fault in every bands music so you can LOVE or hate Superjimenez but you’re never gonna change anyones mind about that! Personally I hate the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (one of the worlds biggest bands) but doesn’t necessarily mean that I’m right – I’ve accepted it and moved on, think it’s a bout time everyone else on this page did the same!

    …Now, how do I unsubscribe????

  • Matthew

    Good comment Ash! I hate U2’s music just as probably half the world does but it hasn’t stopped them from being successful.

    The Superjimenez argument is pointless!

  • This is an interesting discussion… but tell me this, why is a review only “honest” when it’s negative?

  • Doma

    Um, One quarter of the band is Ozzie mate. With influences that extend beyond Irish. You are clearly not a musician. I am, and the lyrical, musical content that they have in their songs is impressive. It’s the kind of music that you can listen multiple times and get something different from it each time.

    Stop being a superficial immature pratt that has to be an arrogant cock to sound impressive. Get an education. Learn an instrument and see how hard it is to write a catchy pop song. Enjoy the music for what it is and stop over analysing. Nirvana had so many three chord songs that were so simple, but fuck it worked. The musos in Superjimenez have talent and can actually play their instruments. I’d rather listen to them than some top 40 bullshit, which is clearly what you’re looking for. Think you’ve chosen the wrong profession… oops!

  • Eugenie

    I agree with post 54, it’s quite condescending. I’ve read some 1-star reviews on this website (and others) that simply aren’t as scathing as this. And judging by the green bar along the top, it seems as though this one is a 2-star review?
    Does the reviewer have a personal vendetta against the band? It seems possible, if not likely.

    I saw Superjimenez at Murphy’s Live last year and I liked their set. They’re good musicians and they write catchy songs. Fair enough, i don’t really know any of their lyrics but some of the biggest songs from the biggest bands are littered with cheesy lyrics (U2, Coldplay, KOL, MGMT, Snow Patrol). It certainly doesn’t make them a bad band. And I think at the root of all this, it’s what the reviewer seems so angry about.

  • untitled

    maybe the reviwer was getting at the hype that has surrounded the band since they embarked on their musical career together… and the expection that was built up to hearing a potentially acclaimed record… but was greatly dissapointed to find out first hand that ita was all aload of muc (for want of a better word)… just a guess!!!

    fair play.. job done… people are listening and talking about the record… i like the track rescue remedy, not a huge fan of the band or the album, team superjimenez should try not to take it so hard on the chin, hate to meet any of ya’s if your lolly was stolen..

  • Lisa

    Doma on comment 58. says it all for me!!

  • Dave

    Has the author of this review have anything to say.
    I have read though all comments and have heard nothing from Lisa Hughes.

    does she care to comment..

  • Steve

    wow, this has generated a helluva lotta discussion.

    I listened to the album a couple of times again over the weekend and it is a grower. I think Somebody There is a classic pop song with a huge nod to the Beatles (very “Day in The Life” in parts). So catchy.

    Personal opinion, the second half of the album is better than the first half. Some great tracks there (cant remember the names).

    Another thing, it is quite clear from a couple of listens that these guys are having a lot of fun with their melodies and lyrics and, i think, not taking themselves too seriously. I would advise the reviewer and a few of the more negative posters here to either listen to the record (shock horror!) or listen to it again. I stand by my first post regarding this review.

    3.5/5 for me. Looking forward to catching these guys over the summer.

  • the duude

    OUCH! But they are a pretty crap band!! Just because this site is Irish doesnt mean it has to give glowing reviews to every Irish act… Although States blatant promotion of Villagers Baffles me!!


  • @ 60

    what hype?

  • untitled

    talking ‘hype’ on a small scale here leigh, mostly generated by ‘team jimenez’ one can assume…

  • Just weighing in, a million years late, to say I’ll fight for Lisa Hughes and State Magazine’s right to write a review of an Irish album that doesn’t read like a) a press release or b) the judge’s comments from the All-Ireland Talent Show.

    Haven’t heard the album, and don’t want to hear the album because I’ve seen Superjimenez twice and I wasn’t interested, but some of the guff spilling out of some of the commenters here is insane. “Support our troops” bullshit.

    Anyone who reads this site at all regularly will surely have noticed as well that this isn’t exceptional or even particularly a “great review”. It’s just a critical appraisal, like all reviews should be.

  • Tom

    It’s so inspiring to see a music blogger fighting for a music jounalist’s right to not write a review that doesnt read like a press release or the judge’s comments in the All-Ireland talent show. It’s a fight that it’s been long coming. It’s like the Montgomery bus boycott only for music journalists who have completely invented a conspiracy in order to make just doing their job a righteous cause. Amen sisters. I have a dream that one day the tyranny of the Superjiminez street team will be overcome by the true meaning of the creed “all albums are not created equal”. Let criticism ring from every blog and every bulletin board.

  • Nobody’s claiming a conspiracy, but what’s the point in reviewing music at all if the purpose is just to support people on their path to commercial success?

    And you being sarcy about an already-sarcy comment on a blog doesn’t exactly lift you to a plane above what you’re making fun of.

  • Tom

    Who suggested that a music journalist has to be a piggy back to anything other than informing the reader? Why do so many writers have to trade in these fictional extremes? Can a poor piece of music journalism not just be a poor piece of music journalism? It’s pretty ironic that in defending the critic’s right to her opinion that a bunch of music bloggers have waded in trying to deflect any criticism of that writing and use a bunch of cliches to do so, a tendency towards cliches being one of the central criticisms of the Superjiminez record. You music writers need to develop thicker skin. Do you want us to blindly accept your opinions just because you’re Irish? Im so sick of this ‘support your troops’ bullshit.

  • I really don’t see how it’s a poor piece of journalism though…

  • Yeah, me neither.

    I was responding to some of the comments which claimed that music journalism should be supportive, not trying to uphold some set of agreed blogger-journo ideals.

    Which extremes are you talking about?

  • Tom

    Im done with this because Im not an apologist for Superjiminez – I dont even know who they are. I just think that a bad review should have a purpose beyond telling me that one writer, of what appears to be limited writing & musical experience, thinks that Superjiminez dont sound like her favourite bands – Jeff Buckley or something and that anyone who might be drawn to this record is a dullard with no imagination. People are saying fair play to The State for publishing an honest review but I think it’s reasonable to assert that all reviews should be honest and if they’re gonna be scathing then they had better have their own house in order first. This review doesnt and for that I give it 1 out of a million and I say unfair play to the State for publishing a review that shouldnt even have made it into The Lisa Hughes Homemade Fanzine For Junior Music Writers Aged 11 – 15 never mind a music site aspiring to international standing.

    Reviewing reviews is fun. Is there any money to be made from it? Although they do say that most review reviewers are just failed music journalists dont they?

  • Superjimenez interview coming up later this week to respond to all charges above – each and every single niggly point.

    Nah, I’m just kidding there is an interview with the band though and it does mention the review of course.

  • “Reviewing reviews is fun. Is there any money to be made from it? Although they do say that most review reviewers are just failed music journalists dont they?”

    Ain’t much money to be made from reviewing albums either these days.

  • Sealed Human

    A big fat ‘Who Cares?’ to the whole grotesque charade that is this thread at this stage!

  • Soup and Jammyknees

    So what about those Delorentos twats breaking up and getting back together.You cant do that.STOP TRYINA BE SOMETHING YOUR NOT.
    Anyone heard Superjimenez new album?

  • Niamh Ryan

    I got a loan of the Superjimenez album off a friend (who wrote a review of it for a national newspaper last month) on Wednesday night. His review was good (3/5), a lot better than the one posted here. So I decided to make up my own mind about it.
    I’ve only given it about three full listens since Wednesday but Superjimenez, if you’re reading, you’ve definitely gained a new fan. I think in ‘Beau’, you’ve created an absolute peach of a tune. It’s so damn catchy. ‘Promises’ and ‘Rescue Remedy’ are equally as good and ‘Helicopters’, which I’d heard before, is excellent. A negative for me is Track 7 because it’s too sombre and the vocals get a little screechy. My favourites though are ‘Faye’ and ‘Somebody There’. The remainder don’t really float my boat either but are good songs.
    Lyrically, it’s charasmatic, and sometimes clever. It’s no poetic genius but it’s certainly not embarassing.

    3.5 to 4 out of five stars

  • An interview with the band , including their response to the review is up live here –

  • the coke midget

    regardless of what you think of lisa’s opinion, her journalism sucks ass. it reads like a sixteen year old having a rant on her bebo page. allow me to quote liberally..

    “the fact that Superjimenez are a quite predictable indie rock outfit”

    “a light, summery indie-pop number that relies on the guitar parts to carry it”

    “‘Rescue Remedy’ continues the predictable indie rock vein”

    “Despite Ronan Cunningham’s attempts to pull off emotive, indie balladry”

    “Similarly, ‘My World’ is indie by numbers”

    “Bang resembles a thousand other pub rock acts currently touring rural Ireland’s best venues”

    “Superjimenez will appeal to a section of Irish music lovers, particularly those with a penchant for unchallenging indie with no surprises”

    im all for honest opinions and all, but cmon.. dig out that thesaurus.. for someone who doesn’t seem to like indie you sure like saying it.. i dont know the boys superjiminez and im not a mate of theirs, ive heard a tune before on the radio and didnt like it, big deal.. theres ways and means of saying you dont dig something without assassinating the poor blighters.

    this happens to be the first review ive ever actually read by a state journalist. i sought out the review after reading their interview in the features. and itll be the last time ill be on here.

    and no i dont play in a band. and no ive no ambitions to be a journalist. i just have beef with that kind of peurile rubbish being passed off as valid criticism. dont give up the day job lisa.

  • Frankie

    [Removed upon the request of the comment author]

  • Niall

    Let us be havin’ it Frankie. This is gonna be good i’m guessing…

  • Frankie, if you think you have some vital info by all means tell us. We’re listening.

  • Adam

    Haha, do what the man says and take it to his email.

    Believe me, it’s a story you’re going to want to hear. If it’s true, I reckon state will have to give Lisa Hughes the sack!

    Pathetic is an understatement.

  • People on the internet who claim to have insider info? Surely not!

  • Frankie

    [Removed upon the request of the comment author]

  • drunken conversations?? oh christ…

  • Frankie

    as i said, i dont care who believes me.

  • So you don’t want her to get punished, you just want everyone to think she’s got no professional standards? Riiight.

  • Lisa Hughes

    So far I have stayed out of this debate, thinking that my review & opinion on the album at hand spoke for itself and that everyone who has commented is entitled to their opinion after all.

    However, after receiving Frankie’s interesting account of things I felt compelled to leave a comment to clarify things for him and anyone who has heard this schoolgirl gossip.

    Frankie, you allude to a “southside secondary school” – as someone from Northern Ireland who hasn’t been in Dublin long, I can assure you and anyone who has emailled you that I have no ties to any southside school.

    I also have no affiliation with any such person “Una” or any other radio/blog personality. I haven’t met the lads from Superjiminez nor would I recognise any of their girlfriends.

    Regardless of anyone’s opinion of my review, I alone wrote it and stick by it.

    Either you have been duped by this contact of yours “Una” or you are attempting to discredit me. If it is the latter, I would be more than happy to meet you for a coffee to have this out. I have just emailled you my contact details so let me know what it is to be.

    Also, cheers to everyone who expressed interest in the review, whether positive or negative.

  • Dan

    Superb response. How dignified. But I guess I would say that, I thought her review was brilliant and refreshing. I guess that ends the argument of ulterior motives, well hopefully anyway. Its just proves how strange people get about bad reviews and never is there this much uproar with good ones.

  • Brian

    Yeah Dan, superb response my arse. Are you with Camp “Lisa Rocks” too?

    Frankies account of what happened is quite simple. Una hates Superjimenez because she dislikes the girlfriend of one of the band members(Una went to school with this girlfriend). So Una and Lisa got together to write a review of ‘Bang’, above. Nasty little piece of work, one might say.

    Lisa, the “Una” in question is Una Mulally aka UnaRocks. As you know, she’s an idiot. It’s very typical of the thing she’d do.

    The southside school alluded to is Colaiste Iosagain and Una went to school there so that reference is not directed at you.

    Just because you are from the North, does not mean that you don’t know her. That’s a silly, almost childish retort. We all know that the online bloggers have close ties.

    I think it would be very big of you to own up, tell the truth and keep your integrity and morality as a music journalist in tact. Oh wait, sorry, that’s already in shreds.

    So Lisa, the only one who has been duped here is you and your idiot friend Una. You, for getting in with the wrong people, and Una for blabbing her mouth off to people on a night out and expecting it to never come back and bite her on the arse.

    For the sake of transparency by the way, my name is Brian Duggan. I like Irish music and I keenly follow a lot of bands in Dublin. This just annoys me. It’s pathetic. I don’t know the members of Superjimenez but I like their music a lot.

    This review is a farce and should be taken down. There’s no smoke without fire and I think the account given by Frankie is very believable and very much in keeping with the Irish Music Scene.

  • Lisa Hughes

    Hi Brian,

    That’s no problem – you can absorb this version of events if you wish.

    I will reiterate that I am not friends with Una and, if I was, I would have no problem admitting to it. Nor am I a member of any blogging clique in this country for that matter.

    What I DO find baffling is that some kind of conspiracy theory has to be created in order to justify a critical review. I didn’t like “Bang” and said so, end of as far as I am concerned.

    Now if Una/any other blogger wants to take credit for it and is claiming otherwise, I suggest you bring the subject up with her. I for one would love to hear her version of things and clear this deluded rumour up!

  • Adam

    Well, if rumours are to be believed, it seems Una is your friend Lisa so I think I can take a rough guess at what she might have to say!!

    Haha, this is hilarious!!!!

  • Brian

    I don’t believe you Lisa.

    You didn’t say “I don’t like Bang”. You savaged it. I’ve just read some of your other reviews there and it’s plainly obvious when something is not your cup of tea. But you critique it fairly. This review just blatantly criticises everything the band ever tried to achieve with their album. There are ways and means to berate a piece of music. You have ignored all the fundamentals.

    You have been untrue to yourself and untrue to your profession. Not that you’re professional, as Post 80 points out, you are thoroughly amateurish in your approach.

    I’ve said my piece. Well done to Frankie for standing up for what’s right. It’s high time that fad journalists are put in their place and exposed for their unprincipled tripe.


    Incidentally, are you from Donegal?

  • I can safely say none of this needed to become public.

  • Guys, this has become retarded. I trust Lisa to make up her own mind on Superjimenez’s album. All this other shit is unfounded and frankly, unnecessary.

    You clearly have no idea at all if you think there’s some kind of blogging conspiracy about this. Insulting people who have nothing to do with this in the first place is childish.

    From now on, all personal attacks (existing and otherwise) will be edited from the site. I’m all for discussion and debate but this has become something else.

  • UnaRocks

    Hello, crazy people. Someone just sent me this link. What the fuck are you all talking about?????

    I don’t know anyone in Superjimenez, or their girlfriends, pet hamsters, etc, to the best of my knowledge.

    I’ve never met Lisa Hughes either.

    Brian – have I ever met you, dude? You seem to know a lot about me for someone I don’t know.

    I have no idea what’s going on here, but please continue to implicate me in your childish conspiracies because it’s quite entertaining if completely bemusing.

  • Sarah

    She speaks….

  • hmmmm.. the internet = crazy

  • Sarah

    I absolutely agree Leigh. Crazy!

  • Can I also point out that the band themselves have responded to the review:

  • Sarah

    Yep and fair play to them for doing so and not getting caught up in a pathetic, immature lie of a review!

    I think this rubbish ‘review’ should be taken down and written by a proper journalist….

  • UnaRocks

    Reading back on some of the comments there (sorry, I’m coming late to this, and it’s taking some time to trawl through the billion comments.) This is all ridiculous! I’ve got nothing to do with any of this petty shite. Have emailed that Frankie bloke to see what the hell he is talking about. I wonder if he will be as quick to reply to me as he is to spreading dumb rumours online.

    Lisa Hughes’ review is well-written and seems perfectly fair. The band and their fans should get over themselves if they take a bad review this seriously. Not doing yourself any favours, kids.

  • In case anybody hasn’t figured it out yet, the internet is serious business and music reviews are serious internet.

    My God…

  • Yep and fair play to them for doing so and not getting caught up in a pathetic, immature lie of a review!

    I think this rubbish ‘review’ should be taken down and written by a proper journalist….

    I think you just contradicted yourself there Sarah!!

  • UnaRocks

    @ Nialler9 – It is an absolute outrage that Robert Fisk and David Remnick weren’t sent this album by State to review.

  • Brian

    Yes I met you a few times Una. Welcome to the party.

    Do you deny meeting a guy in a pub last week and telling him that you co-wrote the review?

    Be honest, like the review is… Least that way we can rule out the Lisa Hughes conspiracy and expose your untruth for what it is.

    Niall, I don’t think this is retarded. It’s certainly not unfounded. And if it is true, is totally necessary. Someone has posted on your site and has, it seems to me, a genuine story to offer your readers and as editor(?), you should take it a bit more seriously than trusting your freelance hacks to write honest reviews.

  • UnaRocks

    “Do you deny meeting a guy in a pub last week and telling him that you co-wrote the review?” – hahahaha, are you taking the piss? Of course I didn’t co-write the review.

    As I said before, I’ve never even met/spoken to/contacted Lisa!

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be insulted that someone would think I would actually do that.

    Who is this mysterious person that I met and said this too?

    Too funny. This has to be a wind up, right?

  • UnaRocks

    Also, Brian, where/when did we ever meet? It confounds me that I would forget bumping into such a hilarious conspiracy theorist as yourself.

  • Brian

    It ain’t my conspiracy Una. We met a year ago or so. You were drunk, you thought I was “adorable”. We sang. We weren’t very good because, well, neither of us had a note in our heads. I can’t remember where. But we met again at some DJ gig you were doing.

    Anyway, you didn’t answer my question. So….when you’re ready.

    He goes by the name Frankie (see post 80).

  • UnaRocks

    “Anyway, you didn’t answer my question. So….when you’re ready.”

    Um, I did answer your question.

    “Of course I didn’t co-write the review.

    As I said before, I’ve never even met/spoken to/contacted Lisa!

    I don’t know whether to laugh or be insulted that someone would think I would actually do that.

    Who is this mysterious person that I met and said this too?”

    Is that not clear enough?

    To go all Kanye West on this:

    What part of that is hard to understand?

    Hmmm, still don’t remember meeting you. Although if I bump into you again, I must bring a can of cop on for you for believing any of this conspiracy rubbish.

    Ok, bored now. Going to actually do some work.

  • Frankie

    a few things before i depart.

    I woke up this morning and had intended asking Niall to take down my original comment as it had gotten way out of hand. I was drunk when i posted and upon reflection i should never have. I couldnt delete it myself.

    I have emailed Lisa to apologise for this going public (it seems that Dan has forwarded this on to a few people). I really wanted to keep this off the public postings for the reasons of the above. I dont know who this idiot Brian Duggan is that has posted all the above and made a few jumps in logic. I didnt email him.

    I dont know if the person i met is called Una Mulally. I didnt catch her surname.

    I would like to withdraw all my comments above. Because i was drunk, i should not have posted what i did and regret it. Niall i would appreciate if you could delete my postings and all subsequent postings and i apologise again.

  • Frankie

    one final thing, i have been emailing Lisa and am satisfied that her defense is genuine and that her interview was written in good faith. I can only say that whoever this person was that i was speaking to last Thursday is living in some Walter Mitty type worls.

    Say no to drugs, kids.

  • This is a little like an episode of a TV show that was really gripping, but then gets disappointingly wrapped up in the 2 minutes because it ran out of steam.
    I’m patiently waiting for there to be a swift comical moment that ends with everyone laughing heartily just as the credit of “executive producer” flashes up on screen.

  • Brian

    Okay Una, you deny co-writing the review.

    But my question was, and i’ll put it a little simpler: Is it possible that you spoke with someone last week by the name of Frankie and told him a wee porkie?

    Frankie, don’t be a wuss. Stick up for yourself man, what you did was commendable. You spoke when you felt you should. You were drunk but that’s when we say the honest things. Like Una was when she said I was adorable 🙂

    Ah, it’s a shame. The entertainment value is completely gone out of this now.

  • Dan

    I’ve figured it out! Frankie = Brian!

    People here who like Superjimenez should just move on. Why are you all getting so worked up about a review. It is in essence a piece of opinion. Lisa is entitled to hers as you are to yours. Hers just happens to get published on music websites 🙂

    All this talk of girlfriends, schools and scandal is completely pointless. The review WON’T be changed or removed. It should be assumed that Lisa and Una are telling the truth I guess. Journalistic integrity and all that.

    Brian, I guess I am in, as you so delightfully put it, “Camp ‘Lisa Rocks’. She wrote an honest review of an album. The review, and any review is, by its very nature is biased and slanted. Reviews are ONE individuals opinion of an album. Reviews don’t pretend to be definitive statements about albums. There are plenty of reviews slating albums that later become ‘classics’.

    She wrote an honest review of an Irish album. This is a rarity on Irish music sites. There is a tendency to love albums just because they’re Irish. There are plenty of Irish bands gathering success because nobody dares to say they’re bad. Its a very Irish thing. This is why we have so few bands with any real longevity or success.

    As everybody else seems to be doing it I’ll declare my interests in the whole affiar. I HAVE NO INTERESTS. I know neither Lisa nor Una nor the band. That said, a bit o’nepotism never hurt anybody!

  • Dan

    Oh Frankie, I didn’t forward it to anybody. I know nobody here. I know Brian about as well as you do. You told a few people I assume and not just me.

    Don’t try and pass this whole thing off as being my fault for everybody finding out. I wasn’t the one who wrote “I can explain my sources and the story in full but anyone wants to talk more take it to my email. Dont wake me up too early though. frankie******” on a public board. That was a bad move on your part, drunk or otherwise.

  • Brian

    Ah Dan, lovin’ your conspiracies now. I’m not Frankie, I assure you of that.
    So a review of an Irish album is only honest if it’s a bad one. Great. And if you’re going to refute that – “that’s not what I’m saying”, would you care to tell me where one draws the line.
    If the Superjimenez album was given four stars, would they fall into that ‘longevity’ or ‘success-less’ trap that blights so many Irish bands.
    It’s such a ridiculous argument.
    How do you or anyone assess this? Christ almighty.

    You’d have done a lot better had you stopped after para.3 of your post 117.

    I still stand by the story put forward by Frankie. I think Lisa/Una – the very fact that you both rose, simultaneously, to the bait speaks volumes.
    Any innocent hack wouldn’t even dignify these claims by responding.

    Gotta go catch the RTE Orchestra at the NCH. Beautiful music.

  • Dan

    I NEVER said a good review of an Irish album is a bad one. Never. We should promote Irish music but not to the end that any band who are Irish immediately become untouchable. If an album is bad, it should be said so. And what line are you talking about cause I’d be more than happy to draw it for you.

    I never said that if it’d been given a good review that it’d become a long lasting album. My point is that we should truly appreciate and support GOOD Irish artists, not every band who record an album in their room and release it. I don’t think Superjimenez and plenty of other Irish artists deserve the attention they receive. I don’t want so many of them to last past next week. For the record, that’s my opinion so you can’t really refute that.

    They wanted to clear their names and not just let people here savage them mercilessly. That’s what any truly “innocent hack” would do.

    Oh and Brian, a Superjimenez and RTE Concert Orchestra fan? There really is a first for everything.

    Now I’m finished with this argument because it really has nothing to do with anything anymore, certainly not the article this is attached to. I do now feel a little bit sorry for Superjimenez. An almighty can of worms was opened on them without them doing anything or being able to control it at all. Still like the review, but most everything since then has been unrelated to it.

  • Brian

    “She wrote an honest review of an Irish album. This is a rarity on Irish music sites. There is a tendency to love albums just because they’re Irish. There are plenty of Irish bands gathering success because nobody dares to say they’re bad. Its a very Irish thing. This is why we have so few bands with any real longevity or success.”

    So every or nearly every Irish music site writes good reviews of Irish bands. So where do you draw the line and say: Good review, therefore they’re a good band OR Good review, therefore typical Irish music site loving the band just because they’re Irish.

    Draw me the line Dan.

    No way, innocent hacks are far too savvy for this reaction. It’s common knowledge.

    I like Superjimenez + RTE Orchestra. Excuse me, your point? I also like Japan and Scotland, Steak and Broccoli and frickin Football and Tennis.

  • Mike

    I must say, splendid show to all involved, this is fucking hilarious!

  • UnaRocks

    Brian – are you stupid or something?! How many times do I have to say I have nothing to do with this? Considering I’ve never discussed this band with anyone and have no interest in them negative, personal or otherwise, NO I DID NOT MEET SOMEONE LAST WEEK AND DISCUSS THIS REVIEW WITH THEM.

    Please get over your conspiracy theory, it’s too pedantic of a Wednesday morn.


  • nigel

    It’s staggering to me how people seem to think that this kind of review is unique to this author and this publication. Pick up most popular music magazines and you will find a similar approach from many different authors.

    The author has the right to say whatever they wish about the album and it’s writers as long as it is not defamatory against the subject (which sadly, was not the same courtesy extended to the author in some comments). Lisa Hughes has just expressed something in print that we all joke about with our friends when we listen to an album we hate (think Chris Cornells’ most recent vile offering). This makes for entertaining reading as it’s not the stale usual crap you read in your local newspaper where in a very uninteresting way they tell you whether they like something or not.

    To show my colours; I know one of the members of this band, i’ve seen them play a few times and i’ve heard their music. Although it is not for me personally, i believe there is a market for it, people will enjoy it and i respect wholeheartedly their commitment and dedication. It takes a lot of balls, money and heartbreak to do anything with a band in Ireland and reviews like this will not deter them. Although it dissapoints me to see their album being slated in any publication, you have to see it from both sides and not let your emotions get the better of you.

    Lisa Hughes is one of those people who will not like Superjimenez and she’s told you that. There’s going to be thousands other like her and it’s very clear that the band recognises that and accept it from the interview. Anyone who gets into a band and produces their own music has to get used to reviews like this. It’s just another part of the business!

    To all those people who are so devestated by this review, just think how you would receive a similar review if it was about a band you just can’t bear to listen to. You’d probably have a bit of a giggle..

  • Brian

    Niall – In the interests of fairness, I think the above comment should be edited. It’s getting personal. And my comment wasn’t long being edited by you yesterday… I am certainly not stupid. As I’ve said, if this is the state of Irish music journalism, then it is a problem that needs to be rectified.

    Irish music should not be treated favourably. Agreed
    But it certainly should be given an honest review for what it is and if what is said is true (and it probably is), then no, it is not “too pedantic” FOR a wednesday morning.

    Una, get over yourself in the biggest way possible. Tell the truth, for the truth will set you free Miss Rocks.

  • Brian

    Well said Nigel…

    I don’t have much to say about the review as such, only I do like the band and it does come across as far too harsh for it to be honest. The only thing I’m surprised by in the review is that she didn’t go the full monty and rip into the tracks that weren’t mentioned as well.
    Does that mean she likes those tracks? Because if it does, then surely it would have been plausible to comment on them too – like many of her peers would probably do.

    Anyway my point, yes, I only got interested or involved in this debate when it was pointed out by a friend that there was an allegation made that two writers conspired to create a monster review just because they have some personal agenda. That drives me insane. I’ve written for several publications abroad and journalists really do respect their professions there.

    I’ve always been very anti Irish press and journalism because it’s heaped with cronyism and when something like this is brought to my attention, I have to speak.

    I’m given more of an impetus because I do like the jimenez and they certainly have potential that should be pushed to a wider audience, not slated, and certainly not slated for the wrong reasons.

    But if the review is an honest piece of work, then I hold my hands up. If.

  • UnaRocks

    Brian, you can’t dish out absolutely ridiculous conspiracy theories calling into question the ethical practice of someone’s profession and then get all Mariah when someone questions your intelligence.

    Nialler actually asked me if I wanted any of the shit thrown at me removed and I said no. I’d prefer if it all stayed up just so others could see what tools the people spouting crap are.

    In other newz, major lolz from this thread so far.

  • Brian

    “I’d prefer if it all stayed up just so others could see what tools the people spouting crap are.”

    You must really think you’re something special Una.
    Please get over your extreme case of self-importance.

    And please, don’t bring my mom into this…

  • nigel

    Brian, i would concur with Una. You cannot question someones integrity like that without a single shred of credible proof. It’s not fair.Surely you must understand this being an experienced journalist?

  • UnaRocks

    Brian, this isn’t a case of self-importance. This is a case of you cooking up something idiotic. Admit it and give it a rest.

    I seriously doubt you are a journalist of any integrity yourself if you run with something that has absolutely no factual basis – even when the author of the original information has already retracted his version of events as false and apologised for it – and try to stand it up against someone of good reputation’s personal and truthful firsthand account.

    Stop digging, bro.

  • Brian

    “Ireland” is enough proof for me Nigel. That coupled with yer man Frankie’s testimony and then Miss Rocks magically appearing like a dithering four-year-old telling her teacher that she didn’t draw on her classmates copy book.

    But I’m not working in a journalistic capacity at the moment.
    I’m arguing on a blog…

  • UnaRocks

    “Miss Rocks magically appearing like a dithering four-year-old telling her teacher that she didn’t draw on her classmates copy book.”

    Nialler alerted me to the post because, as you know, I was being implicated in some timewasting and false conspiracy theory cooked up by a drunkard.

    I’m perfectly entitled to defend myself, even if it is from people so moronic that they actually believe someone would waste their time constructing a integrity-threatening episode about a parochial indie band who, by all accounts in the review above, are shite anyway.

    I’m looking forward to bumping into you again Brian so you can say all of this silly rubbish to my face, and I in turn can laugh in yours.

    I am of course wasting my time arguing with you, because you are clearly thick and completely out of your depth, but if you continue to insult me, I will continue to serve your ass.

    Go team rofl, etc.

  • Niall – In the interests of fairness, I think the above comment should be edited. It’s getting personal. And my comment wasn’t long being edited by you yesterday… I am certainly not stupid. As I’ve said, if this is the state of Irish music journalism, then it is a problem that needs to be rectified.

    Please grow up people. Defend yourself.

    Your comment which was removed was personal and over the line. Una’s comment is fair game and addressed to you whereas yours was saying things about her before she arrived to rebut the rumours.

    I can’t believe this is still going on..

  • Cov

    eh… its still some pretty shit music. bored the arse off me tbh

  • iheartsuperjimmy

    dis review is gay.. superjimenez r sick… get a life guyz.

  • Stu

    hilarious stuff.

    As said above, SJ dont give a damn about the review so i think its time we all moved on and got on with searching for the current most obscure, undiscovered band to fawn over so-we-can-trump-our-friends-until-they-get-too-popular-and-then-we-hate-them (thats what us Irish do best, right?) before we slate an Irish band, cheer on an English soccer team and generally go about some self-loathing. Sounds like a typical Wednesday evening to me…….

    /anyhoo, have rejoined this thread a bit late and can only imagine what this Frankie character had to say. Seems to have created quite the stir and provoked some fantastic comments from Brian (#131 simply brilliant) and Una (#127) and some measured response from Nigel.

    Una, you have to admit though from reading some previous reviews you have a major loathing for the band and have crafted some overly harsh reviews of their live gigs (which many of the unimpressed on here have said is one of their few strong points) in the past which do bear similarities with Lisa’s review of the band. I am part of the SJ Street Team (Vice President i think) so i do try and keep up with what people are saying about them. Though they are generally well received, you do have a dislike for them and your protestations and declared ignorance here seem to be at conflict with your previous musings…. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……

    anyway folks, carry on! This is SUPERB!

  • UnaRocks

    @Stu – have I been harsh? I don’t actually remember ever reviewing them, but maybe I did. I tend to lose track of forgetable bands (which they obviously were if I can’t remember writing about them!)

    Where did I write the reviews?

    If I wrote something fair and balanced yet negative, you’re obviously going to disagree with it as Vice President of the SJ Street Team.

  • Sarah

    Stop lying Una, please.

    You’re looking a little bit stupid on this blog if I’m to be honest.

  • UnaRocks

    Now, who are you Sarah? Eh?

    I have never lied about anything apart from that whole Madeline McCann thing.

  • Stu

    Una – somewhere on the (atrociously quiet) message board if i remember correctly. I dont have time to go trawling…

    Also i agree that we probably wont come to any form of agreement on the band so best for me to nip this in the bud and let you and Brian go at it.

    By the way, i think you should have slept with Brian. Calling him adorable and then not closing the deal seems to have really gotten to him. haha 😉

  • UnaRocks

    “Una – somewhere on the (atrociously quiet) message board if i remember correctly. I dont have time to go trawling…” – wow, you certainly are a dedicated Street Team Vice President. I don’t think I’ve posted on that board for well over a year or so.

    I’m not going to dignify your last sexist comment with a response.

  • iheartsuperjimmy

    @Una DFTT

  • UnaRocks

    @iheartsuperjimmy I don’t know what that means. Is that a Superjimenez song?

  • Stu

    i presume you meant sexy comment, not sexist.

  • UnaRocks

    @Stu, what are you, four?

    I feel like I’m trapped in ‘Mean Girls’ or something.

    Stop trying to make fetch Superjimenez happen.

  • Stu

    jaysis, lighten up FFS – the Brian comment was just intended as a light hearted remark to finish up my post, so was my follow up and now youve gone all super-feminist/poor-lil-me on me. I cant handle it!!!

    Im not trying to make them happen, they are. All i did was point out some contradictions in your posts on them.

  • Stu

    BTW Una, DFTT stands for “dont feed the trolls” so i think that superjimmy is one of your friends/supporters or in the alternative simply a fantastically sarcastic SuperJimenez hater.

    BTW, BTW stands for by the way….

  • iheartsuperjimmy

    @Una Don’t Feed The Trolls.

  • Fetch? Brilliant!

  • Nico

    First off I have never heard Superjimenez, but reading this review would not put me off listening to them. This is just one persons opinion and it is HER opinion no one elses! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and thats the bottom line. As for the pure gossip mongering on the comments THATS what I found ridic about this page. Not the review, but the blatent “he said this and she doesnt like her..blah fucking blah”. Its like being back in school. Having read the interview, the band dont seem to be bothered about it so why all the hassle?

  • UnaRocks

    Stu, the ‘make happen’ comment was a Mean Girls joke. Thanks for the DFTT clarifcation, though. I feel all the more enriched for increasing my message board acronym lexicon!

  • Brian

    I feel that there is very little left to be said. Una, you can serve my ass all day long. You get offended far too easily darlin’

    Poor girl.

  • UnaRocks

    @Nico – “Having read the interview, the band dont seem to be bothered about it so why all the hassle?”, I know, it’s ridiculous! Interesting to note the people who started all this makey-uppy conspiracy have been pretty quiet of late, probably ordering some humble pie from the Delusion Deli on Dumbass Street.

  • Brian

    Una….It’s me…Ashton.

    You’ve just been Punk’d

    [End Credits]

    I’m outta here…

  • UnaRocks

    @ Brian – hahahaha! You just can’t admit that you’ve made a tit of yourself, can you? You are delusional, bro.

  • Nico

    Thank f**k for that.

  • Stu

    Una said: “Stu, the ‘make happen’ comment was a Mean Girls joke. Thanks for the DFTT clarifcation, though. I feel all the more enriched for increasing my message board acronym lexicon!”

    and now i feel all the more enriched for increasing my Mean Girls quote quota from zero to one.

    And who says arguing on the internet is pointless, eh? 😉

  • UnaRocks

    @Stu – everyone’s a winner!

  • Brian

    Hi Nico, Una. Forgot to say I’d be back.

    Listen honey, I’m no tit. I’m absolutely sticking to my opinion.
    You are full of it. You’re a farce.

  • Nico

    Seriously. Its people like you Brian,that need to get a grip,and not the author of this review. Having read it over at least three times i can not see any kind of personal attack on the band just a reviewer commenting on the cd she listened to that she didnt like. Nothing personal. But you however have taken this way below the belt. And for that you should be ashamed.

  • sodthemachine

    y’know, this very public war of words must be fantastic publicity for Superjim-whatsit.I’d never even heard of them before all this…

  • Holy shit this comment section is now one level short of a pandemic. It’s going to mutate and eat the internet.

  • Stu

    i always knew that Pop Will Eat Itself was a pretty astute choice of band name.

  • Aisling

    So, has everybody finished their little rant now? My god, this whole thing has gotten completely out of control! Just after reading about 100 comments there (it’s been a while since my last visit to the “scathing” review) so I’m too tired to fight but just thought i’d say the following:

    Frankie, if you didn’t want this whole thing to blow up, you never should have mentioned it…. nobody else’s fault but your own. However, at least have the balls to back up your story and don’t flake out.

    Dan, you’re fooling nobody – it’s quite obvious you’re a friend of Lisa’s and there’s nothing wrong with sticking up for your friend so why deny it?!?

    FYI, I’m Aisling and I am Ronans (lead singers) sister and I just want to say that I think EVERYONE on this thread needs to move on, it’s outrageous that you’ve all spent so much time dwelling on something that doesn’t even effect you.

    From someone who knows the band, they have completely taken it in their stride and moved on. They made their reply through their interview and they’re happy with that!

    Back to the issue though…. Lisa, thought you were way too harsh BUT just like everybody else, that’s MY opinion! There are 2 teams here by the way: “Team Lisa” and “Team Jimenez” so just pick one and let that be the end of it!

    Obviously, I’ll be going with Team Jimenez!!! 😀 Not because I’m bias but because I genuinely LOVE their music! And why bother depending on a music critics taste when you can make up your own mind…

    PS: I honestly am not trying to cause a fight here with you, Una but I (obviously) know my bro’s girlfriend and I do know for a fact that you were in school with her (she told me) so I really have to say that you should stop lying about knowing them!

    Dunno if the rest of that story was made up or not but a good bit of Frankie’s story rang true for me!! If he has, like you said, retracted it then fine but I would really love to know why some randomer (I certainly don’t know him) would just make a whole story like that!!

    PPS: Calm yourself Brian!!! Haha, you’re a crazy bastard!! Again, I don’t know you but I presume you know the band so looking forward to meeting your *crazy ass* at the next gig!!

  • AstonishingSodApe

    Um, Stu, riddle me dis: if Superjimenez don’t care about a review, why in the name of jaysus do they have a street team?

    Game, set and match

  • not necessarily wanting to add to this, but why do they have/need a street team?

  • Stu

    to AstonishingSodApe and Leigh O’Gorman…

    im pretty shocked that i have to post this remark. My references to a “street team” are a totally tongue-in-cheek reference to earlier comments on the thread about the “SuperJimenez street team” being out in force. I amnt even sure if street team is an actual term – i thought it just referred to hardcore fans. I am a defender of these guys as i am close to them all and like their music a lot. Because of my admiration for these guys i appointed myself VP of their (totally imaginary just so we’re clear) “street team”. I dont even live in Ireland so i would be a pretty bad street teamer. It was a joke. A joke that i am surprised i have had to explain.

    Sorry for the confusion but i can assure you categorically there is no SJ street team, just some fans. The only other people i know here is Ash (my sister). To avoid both of you having to tax your brains and figure it out, that would make me Ronan’s brother.

    Cheers, Stu.

  • Stu

    to AstonishingSodApe and Leigh O’Gorman…

    im pretty shocked that i have to post this remark. My references to a “street team” are a totally tongue-in-cheek reference to earlier comments on the thread about the “SuperJimenez street team” being out in force. I amnt even sure if street team is an actual term – i thought it just referred to hardcore fans. I am a defender of these guys as i am close to them all and like their music a lot. Because of my admiration for these guys i appointed myself VP of their (totally imaginary just so we’re clear) “street team”. I dont even live in Ireland so i would be a pretty bad street teamer. It was a joke. A joke that i am surprised i have had to explain.

    Sorry for the confusion but i can assure you categorically there is no SJ street team, just some fans. The only other person i know here is Ash (my sister). To avoid both of you having to tax your brains and figure it out, that would make me Ronan’s brother.

    Cheers, Stu.

  • UnaRocks

    @ Aisling: Ronan from the band emailed me yesterday and that was the first time I realised a person I went to school with (who was a great friend when we were in school) was his girlfriend. I wasn’t lying about anything, I just didn’t know, so you should probably take that back. How was I to know a person in a band I’ve never really passed any remark on went out with someone I knew nearly a decade ago?!

    Anyway, the band seem to adknowledge that this is all bullshit cooked up by some idiot, so I’m glad it’s all cleared up.

    As for Frankie and Brian on this thread? Man, I don’t know what they’re on.

    RE: moving on – I don’t have anything to do with this band or the review, and don’t have any opinion either way, I just came here to clear up false remarks about me. Mission complete!


  • Brian

    Just reading back over this thread. A few things I would like to clarify…

    Una @Post 130. Frankie did not retract his version of events as false and apologise for it. Please point out where he did.
    @113 + 114, he apologises for it going public, that’s all.

    I think Niall taking down Frankies original comments is also bad form – irrespective of what his wishes were. Public interest and all that(of which there is plenty).

    Nico @Post 150, you (and many others, I’m guessing) posting here have not had the opportunity to read either a) Frankies original post or b) the follow up email detailing exactly what was said to Frankie by “Una”. Or both.
    Maybe I should post it actually. Would it be removed, Niall?

    So Nico, I am not ashamed. I’m arguing for what seems like an incredibly genuine and believable email. I’ve already given my reasons for arguing.

    @Ash, will try and make a gig over the summer. I’ll be the one wearing the UnaRocks T-shirt 🙂

  • Stu

    Una, seeing as though this appears to be all a load of crap, it would appear that someone has quite the vendetta against you.

    Brian, i think its time this thread was left to die.

    Til next time, y’all take care of yourselves!! 😀

  • Nico

    Ok Brian,yes you are right I did not see Frankies original post and to be honest I wouldnt be half arsed in seein it anyways.
    In my opinion someone has a personal feeling about someone else and has decided to make shit up. But thats my opinion.
    At the end of the day, all this boils down to is a band got a bad review. its not the bleedin end of the world.
    Although im pretty sure these comments nearly caused the end of the internet itself as we know it.

  • An author is entitled to retract their comments if they feel strongly about it.

  • Aisling

    Una, I only commented on what I heard so I don’t feel the need to apologise for it or “take it back”! Either way, good to know you got in contact with the band to clear a few of those things up!

    One final thing…. This entire mess is all down to Frankie, so everybody’s anger should be directed at him and at him, alone! Watch your back though Una, he clearly has some major problem with you!!

    Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the matter and I won’t be commenting again!

    Take it easy…. especially you Brian!:D Hah.


  • Dan

    I already told you all, I know NOBODY involved with any of this personally. I’d never even heard of Lisa Hughes until this article. If I was sticking up for my friend, if she was one of mine, I wouldn’t have any problem saying that.

  • meh!

    so. many. morons.

  • John

    That was a funny read. Bravo everybody

  • Mal

    Lisa, go out and get laid, you sound angry and bitter, what a tragic assh0le!!

  • Sal Solo

    this album is actually a really good listen. Lyrically and musically weak in places alright but overall a very good first effort and has some truly catchy tunes. Its a pity that this review seems to have killed them off. Are they still playing – their myspace is quite dead?

  • nigel

    I’m pretty sure they finished up