by / January 29th, 2009 /

The Bronx – The Bronx (III)

 1/5 Rating

(White Drugs)

LA punks The Bronx have turned the distortion up with this their third (yes, third!) eponymously titled record. Knuckleduster production from David Schiffer (System Of A Down, Rage Against Machine) brings this latest collection into the rock mainstream without compromising the sound with vapid overlaying. The production ethos strips the songs to a raw core, releasing a car crash impact.

The instant gratification of -Young Bloods’ and -Past Lives’ highlights a very capable melodic capacity, while a veritable herd of angry riffs rampage over thunderous drums, punctuated occasionally by the true potential of a great rock vocalist in the making. Singer Matt Caughthran has performed -guest shout boy’ duties with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Oppenheimer, which tells a story in itself, but here lies a voice yet to reach the potential of its underlying strength and range.

The Bronx are seemingly not concerned with the subtle nuances of fragility and vocal inflection, instead opting for unapologetic, in your face, balls out rock and roll. While this album is brimming with effort and feels like the protagonists collapsed with exhaustion when the final song was recorded, the energy-laden vitriol in this boiling cauldron is maybe -second album material’ in terms of musical progression. Still, great rock records only have to tick a few boxes and The Bronx do: plenty of well constructed songs, rocking riffs, vocals with range and substance.

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