by / November 5th, 2010 /

The Flaws – Constant Adventure

 3/5 Rating

(Arrivals Records)

The Flaws proved with their Choice Music Prize nominated first album Achieving Vagueness that they knew how to write a good tune. They were overtaken in the popularity stakes by the likes of The Blizzards but they deserved more credit for their level of songwriting. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the band’s second album will be the one to win them this recognition on a wide scale.

Constant Adventure is a curious thing. Far too often the songs remain firmly stuck in the middle of the road of rock. Parts of the whole are admirable, but they could do with some experimentation in their arrangements.

Lead vocalist Paul Finn dominates proceedings. Warm and emotional, he’s the highlight of every track, stringing an otherwise haphazard collection of songs together. This, unfortunately, is the about the best thing to be said about Constant Adventure. It leaves the listener wondering whether Paul would be better trying to forge a solo career on the strength of his voice. As for The Flaws, it’d be great to hear what they can do with a bit more genuine adventure.

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