by / March 30th, 2015 /

The Go! Team – The Scene Between

 1/5 Rating

(Memphis Industries)

They were always a strange concept, were The Go! Team. Essentially the solo studio project of Ian Parton, they nevertheless went on to become one of the most dependable live bands on the circuit – a six piece fronted by one woman charisma machine Ninja. The two entities remained largely separate and, while their stage persona continued to thrive, albums two and three never quite captured the magic of debut Thunder Lightning Strike.

After a brief hiatus and wholesale line-up change, Parton was back in the studio to pick up on his solo path. Not everything has remained the same, though, with a songwriting and melody leading the way, backed up – rather than dominated – by a trawl through the sample collection. The approach obviously worked, resulting in the best Go! Team album since that first blast of fresh air came our way. As before, the vocals are sometimes buried frustratingly low in the mix but the melodies are strong enough to win through amongst the clutter. A winning mix of ‘60s girl group pop, hip-hop, punk rock and the sunniest of outlooks, The Scene Between is both a welcome return to action and a wonderful return to form.

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