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The Holy Roman Army – How The Light Gets In

 1/5 Rating

(Collapsed Adult Records)

A certain Eurovision entry may have made the music-loving public wary of brother and sister combinations, but Carlow duo Chris and Laura Coffey are here to break the corny stereotype with their debut LP.

Laid back opening track -Berlin’ sets the tone for what is to follow – should we have a summer, this is one act to lie back and unwind to. The casually disjointed sound of -Elegy’ is just as leisurely, as airy female vocals and quiet electronica combine for a more than listenable result.

-He’s Not Responding’ touches on a possible Massive Attack influence, and is yet another example of clear vocal talent. Both siblings are capable vocalists, and their sharing of singing duties without a prominent front man or woman allows for interesting variety, instead of the monotony that can so often happen on a lazy electronic album.

The beeps, bleeps and relaxing repetition of -Caught In The Wire’ are in contrast to the haunting piano and whispered vocals found in the first minute of -Lastwood’, which soon builds into a more synthy number. -Dublin In The Daylight’ is an upbeat duet that, alongside the rather enchanting -Stagger Gently Home’, is probably one of the catchiest tracks on the album.

Final track -Neon In Our Dreams’ mirrors its short but sweet sister opening number, and with that, the debut comes to a close. Here’s hoping that The Holy Roman Army keep up their understated fight and save us all from a run-of-the-mill indie scene.

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  • Ronan

    A great album!

  • Emma

    Up carlow! Great album!