by / July 8th, 2016 /

The Invisible – Patience

 2/5 Rating

(Ninja Tune)

The Invisible’s latest offering is called patience and to sit through the whole thing you’ll need plenty of it. This record has a very particular groove, a groove so deep that the it glides along in its embrace for the duration. There’s a warm, fuzzy comedown vibe shimmering across pretty much every track, something the band actually does very well but over the cross of nine tracks with very little divergence it becomes a little monotonous.

The record is driven along by a plethora of percussive instruments. Sizzling hi-hats, handclaps, percolating snares and cowbells create a back drop of pretty impressively diverse rhythms on each individual track. After three of four tracks built on such similar foundations they start to blend into one. The third track ‘Best of Me’ offers a slight change with its Giorgio Mororder synths, picking up pace and building towards a crescendo incorporating a sparse high hat break accompanied by some sultry Marvin-esque moaning.

Stabbing funk guitar lines prick in before dribbling out of the mix, liquefied without ever becoming central to the songs. Basslines lazily lilting from side to side keep the songs together like a holding pen to stop the synthesisers completely running away.

The Invisible are obviously extremely talented musicians, you just have to look at some of the people they’ve worked with – Adele, Root Manuva, Grace Jones, the list is endless. They provide a certain atmospheric vibe that other artists use to embellish their songs but I’m afraid a whole record of atmospheric vibe without a cornerstone of individually strong songs just doesn’t blow your hair back.

There are nine songs on the record and it chugs along without ever really changing tact too much. Time melts away into the grooves and you start to wonder whether you’ve only just pressed play or if that was a hazy memory from seven hours ago. That can be a good quality in a record but it has to be interspersed with peaks and troughs of some description. Some say patience is a virtue, in this case Patience is a percussion driven, ambience soaked rabbit hole for the conscious mind.

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