by / August 24th, 2010 /

The Roots – How I Got Over

 3/5 Rating

(Def Jam)

The Roots are commonly considered one of a small number of hip-hop acts that can “go a verse without a curse”, and that hasn’t changed with this years offering , How I Got Over, their ninth studio release.

Stylisitically the album fits somewhere alongside the likes of Blackalicious’ Blazing Arrow and Jurassic 5’s Quality Control, soulful and somewhat jazzy with lyrics littered with social concern rather then guns and girls as you expect from The Roots these days.

Although the album starts out strong, (?uestlove’s drumming and production is particularly satisfying), it seems to go… nowhere. How I Got Over isn’t a bad album per se, but after the first five or so tracks things just get too repetitive, and even an appearance by Joanna Newsom (via a sample) can’t salvage the monotony.

Although The Roots must be given some credit for their soulful brand of positive hip-hop, a rarity today, many people will get over How I Got Over pretty quickly.

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