The Strypes - Blue Collar Jane EP
by / April 9th, 2013 /

The Strypes – Blue Collar Jane EP

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There is a new band of rabble-rousers with smirking distaste for The X Factor, determined to do away with manufactured pop and right the course of popular music by making the long trek back to its very beginnings. It seems the guitar-slinging youth of today are invigorated if thoroughly misguided.

After Jake Bugg and Alex Turner’s most recent haircut come the Strypes and their debut EP, Blue Collar Jane. The Cavan quartet, armed with an obsessive knowledge of rhythm and blues and an impeccable sense of 60s fashion, have crafted three tracks lovingly indebted to their heroes but lacking anything of their own.

It’s near-impossible to be original in the Retromania age, but when bands focus solely on the past for inspiration and wholly dedicate themselves to painstaking imitation, the end result will invariably be records as staid and predictable as Blue Collar Jane. No part of this EP, not even the cover, is a recognisable product of this century and the Strypes have sapped any and all creativity from their process, trading solely on the efforts and reputation of their forebearers.

This EP is mercifully short but should still be consigned to the deepest, darkest recesses of musical history with that album Bruce Willis made and whatever Skrillex shits out next. It probably doesn’t deserve such notoriety, although it would be preferable to forget Blue Collar Jane ever happened.

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  • I love these self proclaimed internet music critics. What a misinformed, arrogant, person!! About on a par with Dick Rowe the man who turned down the Beatles. You clearly do not have your finger on the pulse and have your head so far up your bitter backside that you can’t see what’s going on! Funny how last years release is selling for up to £50 on eBay…not bad for a bargain bucket band eh? Anyway come back next year and tell us all how wrong you were! Weller, Gallagher, Barratt, Grohl etc etc can’t all be wrong can they? Catch them on Jools Hollands Later show tonight…you know..the one for bargain bucket bands!!! The future is bright…the future is Stryped!!!

  • k.aman

    Love these kids. If the lead could develop some stage presence, look out. As for the review, music’s like movies, everyone has their own tastes.

  • Bee Grudger

    George. Spot on. I was beginning to think it was just me. The first time I saw The Strypes on Irish TV I thought they were some novelty teenage Beatles tribute band all dressed up in matching suits. Then they started to get more and more media coverage, particularly in the UK: BBC, NME etc. and plaudits from all kinds of music industry people who really should know better.

    Now I don’t want to knock a load of kids who are probably living their dream and having the time of their lives but the idea they are doing something interesting or worthwhile is laughable. Now I haven’t seen them play live but by all accounts they can play like fuck and they are even writing some of their own songs now. And while I agree with the comment “It’s near-impossible to be original in the Retromania age” that doesn’t mean you have to blindly ape what you admire. Even The BEatles and The Stone grew tired of the amped R&B covers after and album or 2 and that was 50 years ago. For folks to be creaming themselves over the same schtick 2 generations later is just a bit sad, and as trite as any X Factor act.

    Maybe the Cavan boys will develop and start producing their own Revolvers or Let It Bleeds in a few years time but for now I think they should go back to school and do their Leaving.

  • Smig71

    What a stupid review these lads are doing it there way . When the stones were playing little red rooster or the who were playing shout I’m sure some idiot like you slated them too why don’t you get a real job and stop talking shite

  • Smig71

    What a stupid review these lads are doing it there way . When the stones were playing little red rooster or the who were playing shout I’m sure some idiot like you slated them too why don’t you get a real job and stop talking shite

  • Smig71

    What a stupid review these lads are doing it there way . When the stones were playing little red rooster or the who were playing shout I’m sure some idiot like you slated them too why don’t you get a real job and stop talking shite

  • C_Reilly

    A mean spirited and spiteful review. You could have made your criticisms without the added sneer. It doesn’t matter though. This looks like it has been largely ignored.

  • Patsy

    Spot on, The Strypes are shite. Just cause some dozy old soft cunts havent heard a rock tune in a while doesnt make them good

  • Patsy

    Spot on, The Strypes are shite. Just cause some dozy old soft cunts havent heard a rock tune in a while doesnt make them good

  • Joe

    Damn right! If it was a band consisting of four lads in their 40s nobody would give a shit. They’d be called dinosaurs playing music from ‘back in the day’. Only reason these lads are doing anything is because they’re all about 15 years old and they can play quite well. It’s a novelty. I wish them the best of luck but it’s not in any way original. Good review

  • John

    George Morahan, I’d just like to congratulate you on the worst piece of music journalism I have ever had the misfortune to read. To dismiss this young, vibrant band so ruthlessly will, if there is any justice, make you look a complete and utter fool a year or two from now. And to suggest a band shouldn’t take inspiration from other bands (whatever the era) is beyond ridiculous. Now go and listen to your Muse/Coldplay or whatever other shite (1 Direction anyone?) you listen to.

  • Nikki

    Well, I was there in the 60’s, and the British blues revival bands (like the Stones – remember them – rehashing old blues numbers like “Little Red Rooster” – surely they’ll never be famous) had their own take on the music that inspired them.
    Just the same as the Strypes have their own take on the same numbers, revived the third time around.
    The 60’s bands never had such speed and energy. The Strypes have been inspired by their music, and punk, and come up with some joyous proper 3 minute pop songs, and souped them up to within an inch of their lives. If you had been there at the recent gig in Leeds, you couldn’t fail to be impressed, like the rest of the audience. You don’t get an audience going completely mental, leaping about, screaming, shouting, chanting and clapping along (without _any_ prompting from the band, other than continuous, wonderful music) for staid and predictable music with no creativity.
    If you like live music, see them. If you like 60’s R & B, see them. If you’ve no idea what 60’s R & B is, but you like music that makes you shout and scream and grin from ear to ear, see them.

  • Seriously, go fuck yourself

    The strypes are brutal. It’s music from a time capsule that sounds like it was written for a wriggles advert. God, who are these people raving about them? Wow, they’re only kids! Playing instruments! And writing their own tunes! Ker-Azy Daddio! Yeah, shite tunes. They can play, sure. Maybe that’s the problem. Like punk never happened. Literally.

  • peasantplucker

    The stench of musical snobbery in this article, written by some internet nomark is amazing. It made me laugh as well. This is back to the future rock and roll and I love it.

  • rojo smith

    What a shame this reviewer has no real knowledge of music.

  • rojo smith

    They can play quite well !!! If you were a musician of any worth, you would know what all the fuss is about and what a pathetic understatement that is, and it has nothing to do with their age, by the way. Originality is important , and these guys are not doing anything original, but what they are doing is absolutely superb, and I have no doubt that with these guys’ talent, they will eventually turn more and more to their own material.

  • Derek D’Souza

    Having read these comments, there appear to be two schools of thought, in the minority – those that sneeringly dismiss The Strypes without probably having seen them, and follow the unpleasant trend of dismissing anything different so quickly, but worse feel the need to inject a measure of spite into the process.

    I would say that most people that have seen the band think very differently. I have seen them several times this year – luckily I like to make my own mind up rather than be guided (misguided) by the some of spiteful drivel I read online – this is the reason I generally avoid forums, too many people sat on their arse having a go at someone or something!. I have been very fortunate to see many different bands over the past 40 years, good and bad, and very diverse, seeing many bands a once or twice but perhaps a dozen artists.bands I have gone on to see many times. While many of the bands have been excellent, very few take your breath away, for whatever the reason, talent, energy, passion, showmanship etc. The Strypes are one of the very few that tick all of these boxes in my opinion. I have seen the band in the company of several people who’s opinions I value, they have all been very impressed!

    Personally I think too much is made of their ‘age’ many bands in the past were playing at this age, it is just less common these days.

    For me, what is impressive is how accomplished they are at this age, their musicianship and their stage craft has grown in the time I have been going to see them and they will surely get better. As for the sniping that they don’t write their own songs, I grew tired of that speech very quickly, the band have regularly introduced new self penned songs into their ‘cover’ set, and if they hadn’t started writing their own songs just yet, SO WHAT!

    Their debut lp is out in 3 weeks 12 tracks, 8 originals and 4 covers, very much in keeping with the band’s own heroes. George’s comments seem unnecessarily unpleasant, it would be interesting to know what caused George’s cage to be rattled. As for Bee Grudger, too many contradicting comments.

    I like the fact that we have a band, a group of mates, that have started playing for fun, and unusually have chosen a different style of music than is currently occupying our charts. The fact they then go onto play that style of music very well, with fire and skill (the very words that used to adorn Paul Weller’s amp in the early Jam days) is surely to be admired. The fact that the new songs fit in perfectly to the set of covers (not your average cover version, but taking an already good/great song and giving it a good seeing to!) says a lot about the band.

    The funny thing is that some of the people slagging them off now will be fawning over them at some point in future!

    For me the future is Strypey!

  • Sam Wallace

    fucking dreadful band.and the reviewer is reviewing the ep not a live show or the possible future doing’s of the band.and the ep is shite.
    iv seen them live and yes they were better than they are on record.

    they should have been left to form as a band before inflicting this retro drivel on the world