by / September 25th, 2009 /

The Very Best – Warm Heart Of Africa

 1/5 Rating

(Moshi Moshi / Co-operative)

Esua Mwamwaya’s Malawian roots come through strongly on Warm Heart Of Africa, The Very Best’s first album in collaboration with Radioclit after last year’s excellent free mixtape. The eclectic blend takes all that is good in African tunes and adds a healthy dose of international influences, from Sanyo keyboard-like basics to intricate acapellas. At moments, it sounds like Malcolm McLaren’s Aria (courtesy of Leo Delibes), while one track, ‘Julia’ sounds like a reworking of Afroman’s -Because I Got High!’.

Indeed, many of the melodies have an air of familiarity, giving the album an immediacy, like a modern reworking of Paul Simon’s Graceland or the skilful melee of the Soweto Gospel Choir, with Mwamwaya’s vocals adding to what is an enjoyable aural experience. In short, it’s fun, exciting and diverse.

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