by / July 26th, 2012 /

The View – Cheeky For A Reason

 2/5 Rating

(Cooking Vinyl)

When The View first arrived with album Hats Off To The Buskers, it was an instant hit. Despite this, the band never fully distinguished themselves from other ubiquitous indie types and later releases failed to have a similar impact on fans or the charts. The Dundee band now return with their fourth album Cheeky For A Reason and a new label but it seems that this record may well face a similar fate.

It gets off to a bad start with ‘How Long’, which sounds like the band may be ditching their indie ways in favour of channeling One Direction. The next three tracks aren’t much better and rarely verge from this pop-tinged sound accompanied by cheesy choruses and almost cringe-worthy chanting vocals. Things start to improve with the slightly edgier ‘Bullet’ and ‘Bunker’, a catchy song driven by an infectious beat. ‘The Clock’ meanwhile is slightly reminiscent of Oasis with its twanging guitars and slower tempo.

Eight tracks in then and Cheeky For A Reason seems to be improving, until it diverts into a pointless eleven second piano interlude. It’s not even a good piano interlude. ‘Hole in the Bed’ follows, with Kyle Falconer’s shaking rife with self pity – something of a running theme. The last song, ‘Tackie Tattoo‘, is a melancholic tune full of loathing while another filler of a piano piece closes the album.

There are some decent tracks to be found here but the album lacks any real inspiration or imagination. The View have done what they do best; not create an original album that will impress fans and critics alike with their own musical merit but write generic songs that will tide indie lovers over until The Kooks make another comeback.

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