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The Virgins – The Virgins

 3/5 Rating

(Atlantic Records)

For a bunch of first-timers, The Virgins sure know all the right moves to pull: Choosing a funky, soulful pop style which is already winning them many fans and foes alike. Opening track -She’s Expensive’ provides an immediate case in point. A perfect-pop creation with a slinky bass line, not afraid to delve into the kitsch world of handclaps, harmonies and backing vocals that ooh and ahh in equal measure.

The three hit singles that follow continue to deliver in this winning vein. From the gloriously filthy guitar stylings of -One Week Of Danger’, the playful riffs and infectious chorus of -Rich Girls’ and the Breakfast Club worthy synths of -Teen Lovers’ we get slew of poppy predictability and one chord fade-outs, yet somehow it still works. Perhaps this owes to the distinctive, drowsy vocals of front man Donald Cumming: sluggish yet scathing, playful yet punky, they’re as confusingly paradoxical as the music of the band itself. Advantageously, he utilises the bands pop style to add surprise and intrigue to each song – a casual swearword here and there, a line shouted rather than sang – simply yet effectively using substance to override style.

And to be fair, the band can pull off the more sensitive, acoustic stuff equally well – -Fernando Pando’ conveniently gives them this opportunity and -Hey Hey Girl’ once again shows off their innate ability to write infectious pop.

Putting their best musical feet forward in the first half of the album essentially makes The Virgins a little top-heavy but it is consistent in its catchiness and after all, there’s no point getting too wrapped up in an album who’s main objective is to get into your pants, not into your head.

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  • S-C!

    Such a great band. Saw them live in London a couple of weeks ago. Definitely one of the best albums of the year! X