The Young Folk - The Little Battle
by / April 2nd, 2013 /

The Young Folk – The Little Battle

 1/5 Rating


By name alone, the Young Folks’ The Little Batter would appear to be a labour of love. Their sound is experienced and accomplished, a band whose passion and talents are hard to experience entirely within the confines of a record, with their subtle blend of harmonies, some Irish trad sounds.

While ‘I’ve Been Here Before’ and ‘Sad Day,’ are as their titles suggest, more contemplative and reflective in theme, the album shifts in tone, with songs like ‘Friends’ and ‘Biscuits’ packing a folk-provoked punch. Paul Butler takes over lead vocals duties from Anthony Furey on ‘Letters,’ their November release from the album, and it’s one of the album’s many highlights.

Weighted with bass and piano, and a keen love for fiddles, flutes and mandolins, this album encompasses the best in alternative country and folk. This album is a mature, catchy and polished, despite it being their debut offering, which will please folk fans and new fans alike.

The Little Battle is carefully crafted, which means it doesn’t allow too much room for the band to breathe and stretch, but it’s hard to fault it, vocally and lyrically solid throughout. Each song has been expertly produced, and this expertise filters right down to the album’s fluid song ordering.

This Dublin five-piece has quite the arsenal of great tunes, the record boasts the band’s expanded range. Go see them live if you can, but if not, then this album is a great substitute.

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