by / June 13th, 2012 /

This Club – High Life

 2/5 Rating


Having won the battle of the airwaves with the ever catchy single ‘I Won’t Worry’, This Club seem all but certain to push on and dominate the summer music scene with their debut album. Clever re-branding from their former lackluster name Hoarsebox has helped them secure a second bite of the cherry and High Life is an intricate mix of infectiously catchy pop tunes and a master class in the use of ‘auto-tune and beat loops. The question is there any room for heart behind all that manufactured music.

The band hit the ground running with their debut single ‘I Won’t Worry’ and it is by far the best song the album has to offer, standing above the other tracks in personality and style. Second single ‘Add It Up’ also provides some insight into their style, a 90s throwback song laden with digital beats and an abundance of cheesy math’s analogies. Looking back seems to be a strong theme with This Club’s music. The majority of their songs are nostalgic and incorporate an array of 90s pop stylistic features. There are also strong elements of looking to the future too and a combination of both has left the album rather disjointed in places.

This Club have already taken the music industry by storm with their first two singles yet you suspect that they peaked too early. The radio bombardment of their debut track has done well to remove any appeal that once surrounded it and it seems like it may not be much longer till people start to grow tired of their other singles. Overall, High Life is a mediocre album which lacks substance. ‘You Lie You Get More’ is a sublime example of how not to write a song while ‘Up’ contains a perfectly crafted pop chorus and shows that there are positive uses for the dreaded ‘auto-tune’. It also offers up some questionable lyrics, such as “rose-tinted glass covers up my ass”. What else were we expecting though? The music seems to have an engineered feel to it, a combination of less than engaging lyrics and simple catchy music designed solely to nod your head along to and switch off for two or three minutes. High Life is a ten track feel good summer album. It will be interesting to see how This Club adapt when the cold hard winter comes around.

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