by / May 19th, 2017 /

Thumper – POP! Goes The Weasel

 5/5 Rating

(Little L Records)

Dublin ensemble, THUMPER have just unveiled their latest offering with current EP, POP! Goes the Weasel, five tracks of pure noise pop fun. Within the small yet saturated Dublin music scene, THUMPER stand out by pulling off their no fuss, abrasive sound with a fiery angst.

While sometimes dark, the lyrical content is augmented by lively and playful musical accompaniment. From the self-ridicule conveyed in the lyrics of ​’The Loser’, to the unifying refrain of​ ‘Fear of Art’, THUMPER’s lyrical content is filled with a sense of millennial angst. This is communicated through a sense of humour and some self deprecation. The lyrics are frank and to the point, delivered effectively through the singer’s emotional vocal performances.

The raucous soundscapes of ​’The Intro’ last just over a minute, however this track succeeds in grasping the attention of the listener, building intrigue for what’s to come. A high pitched piercing sound indicates the ending and then launches into the next track. The distortion continues into ‘​The Loser’. This track is fun and frantic and presents catchy hooks and sing along lyrics.

Midway through, third track ​’The Circles’ launches into a ruckus. The sense of disorientation in the lyric “you’re sending me ‘round in circles” is cleverly mirrored in the pounding drums and frenzied guitars. Perfectly placed on the track list, the tempo slows with ​’The Part That I Always Leave Out’.

The vocals meander lazily through the lyrics in the space between the blazing guitar parts throughout. The finale, ​’Fear of Art’, offers a punchy chorus with the unifying lyric “everyone knows you’re no different /everyone knows you’re the same as me”.

The music gains momentum until it relents at the middle eight, which features a quiet, lyrical stream of consciousness from the vocals. The band then launch back into a spirited performance for the final chorus. THUMPER have managed to refine their sound on this EP while successfully maintaining their impassioned performance.

Their music is loud, it’s fun and with a killer live show thrown in the mix, this band are sure to have a bright and noisy future.

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