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Tieranniesaur – Tieranniesaur

 5/5 Rating

(Popical Island)

Having made their mark so effectively last year with just one song, it was not being overly pessimistic to worry that Tieranniesaur would find it not quite so easy in 2011 – not just because ‘Sketch!’ was such a masterpiece of a pop tune but also as the various members of the band have spread themselves so thin in other Popical Island projects. Yet, as the collective has proved time and time before, it seems that all work and no play simply makes Annie Tierney and cohorts creative dynamos. Worries banished, Tieranniesaur the album is a delight from start to finish.

Those who fell in love with ‘Sketch!’ will be relieved to discover that the song not only makes an appearance on this debut but informs every other track. It’s all very ramshackle and not a little in debt to the funk, punk and hip-hop sounds of classic late ‘70s New York (fitting then that the band supported the Tom Tom Club in Dublin last week), but instead of ending up a messy pastiche, the results are incredibly effective. Pulling off that tricky feat of appearing not to try too hard while in reality making use of every single note, the record proves that ‘Sketch!’ was no fluke.

Thus we get the party vibe and witty word play of ‘Rockblocker’, the jit guitar of ‘Candy’ and the throbbing electro of ‘I Don’t Stop’ – all in the first four songs. No Monster Club’s Bobby Aherne pops up with a rap on ‘Azure Island’ and ‘Pretty Girl String Quartet’ is everything the title suggests it might be. You could go on singling out individual tracks (and we haven’t even got to the sublime ‘Here Be Monsters’ yet) but the truth is that Tieranniesaur have turned out to be everything we hoped they would be. As the hip-hop roll call of ‘Remember My Name’ tumbles to a gloriously chaotic end, we once again have to marvel how one small group of like-minded souls has continued to produce such stunning music. God bless the fucking lot of them.

Listen to the album at Nialler9.

05-Azure Island (Ft Bobby) by tieranniesaur

08-Tieranniesaur – Here Be Monsters by popical_island

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  • I bought this last night as an mp3 button at their gig.
    It’s brilliant and the presentation is really something else too. Great live band n’all