by / May 24th, 2010 /

Tracey Thorn – Love And Its Opposite

 2/5 Rating

(Strange Feeling)

Everything But The Girl may not have been the trendiest of pop outfits, but lead singer Tracey Thorn was undeniably a special talent. Her relationship (musical if not personal) with EBTG cohort Ben Watt may have come to an end but she continues as a solo artist with this, her third album in a mere twenty eight years. Sadly, the indifference of the title carries throughout the album. It is unremarkable, but far from unbearable. In a world full of pondering songstresses, you really have to stand out if you want to reach any kind of acclaim yet here little alters from song to song. Each track is a tender one with beautiful vocals, but little substance. It may be a risk to call this album middle aged drivel, but the mind struggles to find any imagine that doesn’t involve a stressed out older woman, lighting a few candles, and -taking the weight off her feet’.

Lyrically the strongest song is quite possibly -Singles Bar’, depicting something of a midlife crisis, perhaps a discomfort with a settled life and a yearning for youthful whims. It is a genuinely moving and thought provoking song, but even this is average musically. The whole album is quite possible to listen to if you can palette easy listening in general, but unless you are already a fan of the singer’s solo efforts, repress any urge to discover it and go away and listen to Everything But The Girl’s Language Of Life instead.

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