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Twin Sister – Color Your Life / Vampire With Dreaming Kids

 1/5 Rating

(Double Six)

New York’s Twin Sister first came to our attention when they gave away Color Your Life for a limited free download from their site. The five-piece set off a chain of blog posts which served as early hype. After signing to Domino imprint Double Six earlier in the year, both of the band’s EPs will now be available physically on CD and vinyl for the first time.

For debut releases, both EPs – six track Color Your Life and four track Vampire With Dreaming Kids contain within them more memorable and fully-defined songs than most fledgling bands will have in their careers. Taking their inspiration from ’80s sanguine indie-pop and ’90s shoegaze dramatics, the band have an ethereal quality, almost in the background but always piquing interest. This lack of urgency is a part of the charm, the songs drift into passages of instrumental beauty like on Color Your Life’s opening track ‘The Other Side Of Your Face’, a seven-minute distillation of calm guitars, gentle drumming and singer Andrea Estella’s breathy vocal style. It’s the perfect introduction into the band’s world, everything is a bit ..floaty. ‘Lady Daydream’ recalls Karen O and Cat Power’s most emotional moments set to treble-heavy meandering guitar (funnily enough, the song finished with the sound of a babbling brook) while ‘All Around And Away We Go’ is their most immediate and poppy tune so far yet still manages to barely break a sweat.

On its own Vampire With Dreaming Kids , the band’s first EP may not stand up to Color Your Life’s understated eclecticism but packaged together it adds variation to their sound. It’s slightly harsher sounding and sparsely arranged than what follows, but the strong melodies and instrumentation is still there. ‘I Want A House’ is a particular sweet highlight.

This is a band who already know who they are what they can do which makes future material an exciting prospect.

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