by / February 20th, 2017 /

Una Healy

 3/5 Rating


I can hear barstools now…

“Your one from the Saturday’s is after releasing her own album…”

“The short haired one?”

“No, the Irish one.”


“No! Fuck sake, that’s the Girls Aloud.”

“An expert now are ye’?”

“Well, I know my En Vougue from my Atomic Kitten.”

“You don’t know your arse from your elbow, you’re probably just ogling the pictures. Anyway, I don’t know why she bothered it’s just gonna be the same shite. Cheryl Cole or whatever her name is now, Jamie Redknapp’s missus…brutal. None of the Spice Girls were any good on their own. Guaranteed, it’s shite.”

Sounds about right, only it’s not shite at all. It may not be for the ‘techno-techno rave in Glasnevin’ brigade, the up all night session heads or the leather clad moshing masses but it’s going to be on the radio and they’ll probably all be singing along. It’s catchy, countrified pop at its ear-worming, infectious best.

In the best traditions of the likes of Shania Twain, Taylor Swift and serial capitaliser LeAnn Rimes, Healy has surrounded herself with some top-shelf song writing talent including Amy Wadge who has the co-credit on Ed Sheeran’s ‘Thinking Out Loud’. Not to mention her own contribution, Healy has been writing her own material long before she was behoved to the week’s most fun day, The Saturdays. “The songs were all written from the heart and I hope people can relate to them. The sound of the album is very true to my roots and is a return to the music I’ve always loved.”

Grasping centre stage with both hands Healy’s vocal performances are impressive, the songs are really well written and cleanly produced. It’s aimed at radio and radio will most likely be aiming it back at us intensely in the coming weeks. Every song comes in at under four minutes, fast-paced and punchy is the order of the day. The title track has that driving, country tinged flavour your older sister and her friends love. Opener ‘Battlelines’ is the aggressive third cousin of Eagle Eye Cherry’s (remember him) ‘Save Tonight’ complete with enticingly sensual, slightly oriental ascending bridge. What’s not to like?

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