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Various – Popical Island #3

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(Popical Island)

In late 2009, on a cold winter’s day, a group of musicians gathered in a small Café on Camden Street. They didn’t know it yet, but this was to be the first meeting of the Popical Island collective, an initiative which, three years on, is a growing influence on the Irish music industry. Since its inception, the group has supported a variety of Irish bands, organised gigs and released a number of marvelous records. Their hard work and genuine commitment to music has been an unrivalled driving force in today’s Irish music scene. Their first compilation album, featuring original member bands such as Groom, Land Lovers and Yeh Deadlies, may have served to put Popical Island but it’s their third, and final, release that keeps them there.

A spectacular showcase of Ireland’s finest indie-pop-rock up-and-comers, the 23-track, double-sided offering features firm favourites such as Walpurgis Family and Squarehead alongside the likes Mumblin’ Deaf Ro and Biggles Flies Again. Tieranniesaur, the most high profile of the bunch, provide a new song ‘The Changeling’, a jerky, new-wave track that takes the listener to a pleasant place somewhere between Garbage and Bjork. Other highlights include the nostalgia of Groom’s ‘When Young People Fall in Love’ and the sweetness ‘Country Tow’ from Jonny Fun and the Hesitations.

With this latest release, the Popical Island collective have once more gifted indie pop fanatics with something truly wonderful. Whether it’s the soft meandering of ‘River Valley Girls’, or the infectiously feel-good bop of ‘A Great Bunch of Lads’, the latest, and greatest, Popical Island compilation will leave you begging for more. Shame we won’t get it.

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