by / September 25th, 2009 /

Wild Beasts – Two Dancers

 3/5 Rating


Wild Beasts combine indie rock with a folk twist and a vocalist more operatic than Klaus Nomi. Indeed, Hayden Thorpe’s falsetto vocal gymnastics are reminiscent of what Mika and The Scissor Sisters could have been, and are countered with the Richard Thompson-like bass vocals of Tom Fleming. Two Dancers is less consciously avant-garde and indulgent, than their debut, Limbo, Panto.

The songs are far more balanced here than on its predecessor, held together by and airtight rhythm section. Even the potentially grating jangling indie guitar of the highlight track (and single) -Hooting And Howling’ is exciting. Granted, they seem to lose their way slightly on some tracks, playing on the same joke for too long on -When I’m Sleepy’¦’, but it’s balanced by the trance-like greatness of -We Still Got The Taste Dancin’ On Our Tongues’.

Two Dancers shows definite progress and maturity, whilst also bringing out the talent of all the musicians involved. Not earth shattering, but still an exciting album.

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