by / May 20th, 2010 /

Worrier – Source Error Spells

 3/5 Rating

(Richter Collective)

Claiming Milwaukee, Wisconsin as their current base, Worrier is the kind of band that fit perfectly into the Richter canon.

There’s the de rigeur dance-rock percussion and noodling guitars alongside a smorgasbord of effects, echoes, chirps, chants, screeches, layers and erratic timing; or as an interview with Japanese magazine New Audiogram puts it: ‘While changing the sound with a complex mixture, electro dance punk band needs someone with a simple dance that will hardly stop.’

Quite. Made up of members of Free Diamonds (UK freaky melodic rock) and Forsake Ya to the Snake (US noise rock), the quartet’s debut album smashes the sounds of these two bands together to make catchy pop-rock tunes with twiddly guitars and a hefty dose of that all-over-the-shop electro-noise and bluster mooching around in the background.

-Let Down Your Hair’ has a Broken Social Scene vibe with its distinctive guitar line and vocals, -I’m Not The Ocean’ is Foals-with-added-menace while -Get Yourself In…Lazy Ghosts’ could be Ninja High School if they formed a supergroup with The Polyphonic Spree and Liars.

All the songs here seem to be scrambling towards some kind of imaginary finish line as the anxious multiple vocals tumble and squawk over a plethora of guitar /bass lines and often-panicky drums.

The four-piece are clearly bursting with ideas and sounds and they don’t hold back on Source Error Spells resulting in a schizo, barrage of an album that is difficult to compare to any single band in particular and is more a combination of influences thrust together by a bunch of enthusiastic, accomplished musos with an ear for a solid melody and a disdain for easy-listening.

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