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Yeah Yeah Yeahs – It’s Blitz

 3/5 Rating


The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ third studio album has already been garnering a mixed reaction from the online community, with many of the band’s hardcore following unsure about its electronic leanings. With a large dollop of synths and beats added to the mix it’s certainly more dance-oriented than Fever To Tell or Show Your Bones and is, well, kinda like the band promised: it still sounds like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, just…different.

Things start off on a high, with the now familiar -Zero’ and the supremely catchy -Heads Will Roll’, and true to form, Karen O stomps through most of the album with her trademark swagger. That said, it’s the softer side of It’s Blitz! that really surprises, with highlights including the sublime -Hysteric’ and the mesmerising -Little Shadow’, although the five-minute -Skeletons’ does get a bit wearing.

O & Co. have been accused in some quarters of straying into already over-populated territory, although where those Kaiser Chiefs comparisons are coming from, State doesn’t know. While it certainly strays a little from their punk-pop roots, It’s Blitz! has enough genuine quality to keep dragging you back for just one more listen. Nuff said.

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  • Andrew

    this deserves a better rating! its a 9/10 album