by / July 19th, 2010 /

Youth Mass – Misanthropy EP

 3/5 Rating

(Self released)

Youth Mass is the bastard child project to the band formally known as The DLS. Misanthropy, their debut EP, as indeed the title suggests, is definitely not a record for the faint hearted.

Call it what you like, this post punk, post rock, array of loud guitars and angry lyrics shows a band that’s not afraid to wear its lyrical misery on its sleeve.

There are times when some of the bleak imagery on these tunes makes Ian Curtis’ or Sylvia Plath’s rhymes look like a picnic in the park in comparison, particularly on the melancholic anthemic ‘False Starts’. “False starts, bruised hearts/ Gray skies paint a concrete grave/ The cold, the frost/ Conceives emotional decay.”

‘Only Cunts Buy Vinyl’, which seeks to ridicule every hipster from Shoreditch to Williamsburg, Berlin and beyond, shows that dirty guitars and screaming vocals can still make good pop songs. It’s when the tempo slows down however on Misanthropy that Youth Mass resemble more than just a garage punk band. Dark and dreary for sure, but with good music there is always light at the end of the tunnel. One to watch.

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  • Picked this up at their gig on Friday- loving ‘False Starts’. Really good live show, too.