by / December 6th, 2011 /

Zomby – The Nothing EP

 2/5 Rating


Zomby is a curious character. His controversial behaviour on the Dubstep forum a few years back, and no-shows at this years ATP, marked him as a bit of a bollox frankly while his bizarre interview with Self-Titled earlier this year revealed an insecure and confused individual (or perhaps more someone willing to use the media to his own ends).

Zomby’s Dedication album was released in July following the death of his father, it’s a delicate and accomplished body of work containing some genuine career highlights. The Nothing EP follows this closely and draws in part from Dedication (as well as his ’08 jungle-influenced outing, ‘Where Were U In ’92’?) The fact that both releases are merely five months apart may go some way to explain the mediocrity of this EP, as some tracks on here feel suspiciously similar to previous, stronger Zomby tracks.

The highlight on here is ‘Rexy’, a track dripping with cinematic tension that comes off perfectly. The slowed down breakbeats of ‘Labyrinth’ makes for strong start, rolling forward to sirens blaring and distinctively Zomby stabs. The space between the kick on the one and the following snare works so well one would wonder why breaks at this tempo aren’t enjoying more of a revival. Unfortunately other breakbeat attempts prove less successful. The UK hardcore sounds on some tunes don’t mesh well with other more tripped-out tracks and leave the record as a whole lacking direction and sounding a little rushed.

If anyone attempts to sum up of UK bass music at the start of this century, a paragraph on Zomby is most likely assured, with so many next-level moments behind him. It would be a surprise, however, if that paragraph contains more than a passing mention of The Nothing EP.

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