Foo Fighters – Concrete and Gold

September 27th, 2017 by

After years of bobbing in and out of the Queens of the Stone Age community, it would appear that Josh Homme’s idiosyncratic desert rock and collaborative nature has rubbed off on Dave Grohl for the better. Now on album nine with Foo Fighters, a group whose live shows have frequently surpassed their studio work, this […]

Liars – TFCF

August 30th, 2017 by

John Peel once said of the Fall that “They are always different, they are always the same”. It is a sentiment that often holds true for post-punk groups of every variety, whether referring to those that formed during the late ’70s and early ’80s, or those that emerged during the early 2000’s revival. Certainly, when […]

OKNOTOK – 20 Years of OK Computer

July 3rd, 2017 by

“The science fiction of the next five minutes” was an idea popularised by the author JG Ballard in the 1960s and 1970s when he came out with such works as Crash, Concrete Island, and High Rise. A forefather of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, Ballard was fascinated by how humans cope with extreme change, specifically the […]

Ride – Weather Diaries

June 20th, 2017 by

Michael Lanigan traces the return of indie legends Ride, via Weather Diaries, their first full length album in over twenty years. Reunion albums rarely deserve the same scepticism as reunion tours. They are not cash-grabs, unless the artist in question has no concept of how to actually grab cash. In most cases, the artist deserves brownie points of […]

Twin Peaks: The Return

June 1st, 2017 by

“Ideas are like fish. If you want to catch little fish, you can stay in the shallow water. But if you want to catch the big fish, you’ve got to go deeper. Down deep, the fish are more powerful and more pure. They’re huge and abstract.” This has long been the answer David Lynch gave […]

Fionn Regan – The Meeting of the Waters

April 28th, 2017 by

After five years, Fionn Regan has returned from the literal wilderness with The Meeting of the Waters, an isolated and atmospheric deviation from his beloved style of one man with a guitar by his side, a poem in his heart and claymation bird in his soul. Opting out of folksy ditties, in favour of oceanic […]

Everybody Wants Some!!

May 12th, 2016 by

Director: Richard Linklater Cast: Tyler Hoechlin, Zoey Deutch and Ryan Guzman Certificate: 15a Running Time: 117 minutes Release Date: May 13th The source of any good coming-of-age story lies in the soundtrack, because such films are primarily about nostalgia, and when it comes to triggering such a feeling, there are few sensorial experiences, in cinematic […]


May 11th, 2016 by

Director: Lucile Hadzihalilovic Cast: Max Brebant, Roxanne Duran and Julie-Marie Paramentier Certificate: Club Running Time: 81 minutes Release Date: May 6th Horror which serves a single purpose, specifically to frighten by way of making us leap has forced the genre into an area so formulaic as to be both utterly predictable and forgettable. With recent exceptions, […]

Knight of Cups

May 9th, 2016 by

Director: Terrence Malick Cast: Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Natalie Portman, Wes Bentley and Brian Dennehy Certificate: Club Running Time: 118 minutes Release Date: May 6th Four years having passed since his semi-autobiographic film To the Wonder, American auteur Terrence Malick resumes his critically polarising streak of post-Thin Red Line epics with the release of Knight […]

I Saw the Light

May 7th, 2016 by

Director: Marc Abraham Cast: Tom Hiddletson, Elizabeth Olsen, Cherry Jones and David Krumholtz Certificate: 15a Running Time: 124 minutes Release Date: May 6th Anybody familiar with the country music compilation, ’Hank Williams: 40 Greatest Hits’ will undoubtedly be aware of its rich contents brought to life by Hiram King Williams, AKA Hank. His ability to […]


May 6th, 2016 by

Director: Risteard O’Domhnaill Certificate: Club Running Time: 82 minutes Release Date: April 29th Driven by a sense of urgency to convey a message concerning the over-consumption of vital resources in the Atlantic Ocean, and an excess of ideas born from his previous documentary, The Pipe, which looked at the Shell gas line, Risteard O’Domhnaill has […]

Captain America: Civil War

April 28th, 2016 by

Director: Joe and Anthony Russo Cast: Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Shaw, Anthony Mackie, Elizabeth Olsen, Jeremy Renner, Paul Rudd, and Tom Hollander Certificate: 12a Running Time: 147 minutes Release Date: April 29th “Universe” is a euphemism for “cash-cow” in the film industry. It justifies sequels, prequels, spin-offs and gimmicks, but more […]

Friend Request

April 22nd, 2016 by

Director: Simon Verhoeven Cast: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Mosely and Connor Paolo Certificate: 16 Running Time: 92 minutes Release Date: April 22nd While there is no shortage of bad films out there to see, it is rare that you can find one so atrocious, that it goes full circle and ends up on the other side, […]

Louder Than Bombs

April 21st, 2016 by

Director: Joachim Trier Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Julianne Moore and Gabriel Byrne Certificate: 15a Running Time: 109 minutes Release Date: April 22nd Whether in cinema, or literature, the idea of writing a story about telling a story has by and large ended up being monopolised by male writers, and perhaps, this explains some of the egotism […]