Dublin Smartphone Film Festival 2018

February 24th, 2018 by

A film created on a smartphone could look so casual that it might have come from your Snapchat feed, or it could be indiscernible from one filmed on an eight figure budget. It could be a documentary. It could be a horror. It could be a highly experimental personal work or a delightfully tropey narrative […]

The State Film Forecast: February 2018

February 4th, 2018 by

February is here, which means that spring has sprung – and it shows. We’re starting to see a bit of a stretch in the evenings; flower heads tantalisingly threaten to burst forth from their stems; and birdsong is escalating to almost cacophonous levels as they prepare to build, and fill, their nests. But, you know, […]

Dublin Web Fest 2017

December 1st, 2017 by

Dublin Web Fest is a festival that leaves you wanting more. Hosted in the Generator Hostel in Smithfield on 24-26 November, DWF is in its third year of celebrating online storytelling — web series, music videos, short films, VR films, anything made to be viewed online. I wanted to see the rest of lesbian drama […]

Dublin Doc Fest 2017

November 17th, 2017 by

‘Can you remind me again why you are making this?’ asks Sook, an undocumented immigrant working thanklessly in an L.A. Koreatown spa, and the subject of Hong Kim’s Se Shin Sa. This is the first and last time anyone in the 14 short films screened at Dublin Doc Fest will directly address a filmmaker. For […]

The State Film Forecast: November 2017

November 10th, 2017 by

It’s November, a time associated in the popular imaginary as much with fireworks and bonfires as it is with rain. These seemingly contradictory elements of the penultimate month of the year can be seen manifest in its new releases. For every star-studded sequel to a billion-dollar blockbuster, there’s a small but buzzy indie flick which […]

The State Film Forecast: July 2017

July 7th, 2017 by

As Simon and Garfunkel once sang, ‘July, she will fly,’ and there are numerous reasons to keep watching the skies this month – if, by ‘the skies’, you mean the light projected onto a cinema screen in an otherwise unlit room. Along with aerially-inclined superheroes, hotshot Air Force pilots, and Voyagers travelling across the universe, some cool, […]

The State Film Forecast: June 2017

June 2nd, 2017 by

If you’re reading this, congratulations, you’ve made it to June! We’ve somehow survived the first 150 days of 2017 and now the promise of summer hangs over us like a flock of seagulls over the canal, waiting to rob your ice cream and knock your cans over. A truly blessed time of year. Blockbuster season […]

One More Time With Feeling

September 15th, 2016 by

Never the most willing participant in the perceived interfering tedium and banality of the rock and roll media circus at the best of times, Nick Cave baulked at the thought of having to suffer the indignities of the endless parade of intrusive interviews required to promote his latest release, Skeleton Tree. Instead he commissioned fellow […]

In Blum

July 16th, 2015 by

Despite the loud cheers from critics around the world, two of the greatest horror movies of the last decade still managed to slip under the radar for most cinema-goers. Earlier this year, It Follows was released to the Rotten Tomatoes equivalent of a standing ovation, with critics around the world (including yours truly) unable to […]