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Podcast: 004 – DIY Irish Punk

Dig a little deeper beyond the surface of the domestic music scene and you’ll find a vibrant, inspiring world of punk and hardcore bands – all driven by a fierce DIY ethos. For the fourth State podcast our editor-in-chief Phil Udell met up with two of them, Rob Flynn from The Winter Passing and Sarah Corcoran from Kate’s Party, to discuss their influences, finding musical soulmates, both being at a Heathers gig, putting on shows, releasing records, loving Bitch Falcon and getting political.
(Image by Mark McGuinness)

The Winter Passing play Roisin Dubh in Galway tonight (10th), The Bar With No Name, Belfast (11th) and Fibber Magees, Dublin (12th). Kate’s Party play the Oh Yeah Music Centre, Belfast on June 26th.

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