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Podcast: 013 – Tower Records

If you listened to received wisdom you’d be convinced that the record shop was dead and gone, killed by the advent first of digital downloads and now streaming. Received wisdom isn’t always right, however, and the good old fashioned music store is making a comeback. Not that Dublin’s Tower Records needs to make a return, having operated in the capital for 22 years – recently relocating to Dawson Street. Our editor-in-chief Phil Udell met with Clive Brannigan to find out how they’ve beaten the odds.

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Producer: Brendan Rehill
Theme: Kobina

  • Im a Gooner get ya

    Why is everything so bloody expensive in Tower Record?You can get most items cheaper in Freebird Records(these people definitely deserve our support) or HMV. Oh big swing they give you a loyalty card but u cant use or get stamped at Christmas the busiest time of the year…WTF. (this particular thing even annoys many of the staff and theyve told me so on occasion)
    Record Store Day a big deal these days and particularly in Tower and yet instead of GIVING vinyl away for free or hugely cheaply to encourage people to buy vinyl its a total bloody rip off and ebay scalpers are the only people who benefit
    Sorry for the rant and the staff in both Dublin stores are really good but the ethos stinks imho
    Tower of Song? I don’t think so…