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100 Albums to Avoid: Top Story: 100 Albums To Avoid Before You Die #4: Sebastien Tellier – Sexuality

Don’t be fooled by the credentials of Daft Punk’s Guy-Manuel on production duties, Sexuality is about as sensually exciting as being felt up by a drooling old gobshite. Taking its cue from fellow French pervert’s Serges Gainsbourg’s pioneering work, each song on the album represents a different part of the sexual experience – complete with moaning women, slinky sleazy synths and Tellier, the deranged ‘sexual king’ singing about erections, climaxing and sticky sex. It’s filthy electro all right, but now how we know it.

Even the wonderful seven minute electronic opus ‘Sexual Sportswear’ can’t save Sexuality. The songs are at least two minutes too long and rarely divert from establishing melody. Tellier even followed in Gainsbourg’s footsteps by representing France in the Eurovision Song Contest with the track ‘Devine’ but nothing can excuse this dull musical masturbation session. You may have the stamina and endurance Sebastien, but you’re still way too limp.

Don’t download: ‘Pomme’
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  • I’d the misfortune of buying of his previous albums purely on the strength of “La Ritournelle”. Never, ever again!

    I think he has singular blasts of genius, writes a decent track based on that, and then spends the rest of the album in the corner masturbating furiously. That’s about the only explanation I can think of for the kind of crap he produces.

  • Liam

    Niall. Jesus.

    “French pervert’s Serges Gainsbourg”?

    Surely you have never written a lazier sentence. Besides the dodgy grammar and the fact you didn’t even spell his name correctly, this sounds like something Q or Nuts magazines might spew out. Yes, ‘Je t’aime… moi non plus’ is a bit yuck, but I’d have expected a music expert like yourself to have delved a bit further into Gainsbourg than that one track. Try the Comic Strip compilation as a decent primer.

    I thought that, apart from in terminally-Francophobic Britain, this blinkered attitude had gone the way of the ‘Disco Sucks’ badge.

  • Eoghan

    You should follow this guy on Twitter!/everetttrue.

    He is listing 1001 albums you should die before you hear. Dunno if he will make it to 1001 though. Currently around 116…