by / March 23rd, 2017 /

Mix: Best of Frank Ocean’s Blonded Radio

Anything with Frank Ocean’s name attached to it is bound to generate a lot of noise whether it is the release of a record or opinions shared about award shows. Following the overwhelming success of Blonde, Ocean continues to be a fore figure in defining his generation’s musical sensibility. He has been given a new medium, a radio show entitled blonded RADIO to voice his thoughts about music touching on how the way we listen to music has evolved as well as playing tracks that he likes through the Beats 1 radio show, aired via Apple Music. The show was launched on February 24th and has since spawned two episodes, it seems that the shows are a fortnightly occurrence, if our detective skills are any use this means that we are due to be treated to the third installment this Friday, 24th March.

Thus far, Ocean has interviewed Jay-Z, used blonded RADIO as a platform to premiere new material (he ended the second episode with his current single, ‘Chanel’), played songs we grew up with, and ones that are coming into our lives for the first time. As an artist with a broad and immensely influential sound to be given a glimpse into the music that he listens to allows for listeners to see a different side to Ocean as he has included some unexpected songs in the track list of the show, Celine Dion for example. All genres and artists find themselves at home on the show, there aren’t many people that can get away with playing Kodak Black and Aretha Franklin with a short space of time. It’s like taking a peek at his personal notebook where he gathers ideas and inspiration for his work.

We don’t know as of yet how many episodes of blonded RADIO Frank will be hosting but so far, so good. Below is a compilation of the best to come from episode one and two’s track list. Stay tuned for more great discoveries and musical meanders down memory lane with Frank Ocean.