by / August 24th, 2017 /

Album Stream: RMCK – RMCK

RMCK is the eponymous EP from a Belfast artist that wishes to remain anonymous. Making use of distorted banjo and loops he states that: “RMCK works alone and is solely interested in crafting music that they find interesting.” Music with a manifesto is what rock should be all about, after all.

Opener ‘Mercer’ hits heavy with a straight forward driven beat and an intricately melodic chord sequence and a banjo melody floating over the whole. This is followed by ‘Altered’ which has a hypnotic quality a buzzsaw banjo lead that keeps the listeners attention. ‘Sickness from Cure’ is a slower affair but all the more interesting for it. There is an eastern quality here and shows that the artist has scope for taking their music in a different direction. ‘Dem Devi’ continues the use of loops and banjo and while that may read like this is just more of the same it really isn’t; the musicianship keeps you hooked. ‘And in-between’ is a standout: slower in tempo with a gorgeous melody it will stay long in the memory.

A short, sharp and engaging EP, RMCK has produced an experimental collection that makes for compelling listening. Let’s hope we see this live.

Listen to RMCK below.

Watch the video for lead single ‘Mercer’.