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A Month In: Top Story: A Month In…New Noise

There are some delectable releases coming your way in the world of hardcore, punk and other heft. So pack away your Christmas albums, dust down your Black Flag records, here’s a little taster.

This Town Needs Guns

Their brand new album is available via Sargent House from January 22nd. I heard a preview courtesy of Dave Clifford at US/Them group and it’s a highly captivating opus – their first release with new vocalist Henry Tremain since Stuart Smith left on amicable terms in 2011. The somewhat esoteric title refers to the Mayan calendar but luckily for us, and them, 2012 didn’t signify the end of time and we’re still here to experience their wonderful new material. ‘Cat Fantastic’ makes for an intriguing opener, while ‘I’ll Take the Minute Snake’ highlights the album’s rich textures. The cleverly entitled ‘Nice Riff, Clichard’ forms an ambient bridge before the glitchy ‘Triptych’ kicks off the later half of the album. In short, it’s an incredibly uplifting album with an array of complicated time signatures and warm melodies, another stellar release from the people at Sargent House. I look forward to experiencing it live.

The Bronx IV

The Bronx graced the UK with a mini-tour in November, playing somewhat obscure venues around the country giving a handful of fans a taster of what’s to come. Luckily enough I made it to one of their shows and the new stuff is certainly a powerhouse of delectable riffage. You can find it all on The Bronx IV (their first album in 5 years) which comes out on February 5th (but I want it now) with a UK tour accompanying the release on the 8th. As I impatiently wait for its arrival, here’s a preview.

Funeral For A FriendConduit

Anyone who might feel a bit nostalgic for their debut album which came to light in 2003 (ten years ago this year) might be happy to hear that they’re about to release their sixth studio album on the 28th of January. The Welsh post hardcore four piece have done incredibly well for themselves, having received international recognition off the back of Casually Dressed & Deep in Conversation and Hours they’re still going strong. You can catch them, new drummer in tow, later this month at an all ages show at Fibbers on the 26th of January. They also play the Limelight in Belfast and Cyprus Avenue in Cork.

Rest – I Hold The Wolf

The much loved and highly influential Cork quartet (pictured) have been out of the limelight for quite some time now. 2013 sees them return with their long awaited new album via Out On A Limb records. They released ‘Descent with Modification’ before Christmas and it’s arguably their best work yet. Quite reminiscent of Mastodon is its drum work while its riffs aren’t far from something you would hear on Death’s Live in LA. Don’t let my somewhat esoteric review scare you away as it is highly catchy stuff, the kind of track that motivates you to listen to it over and over again. I’m pleased to say the aforementioned tune is available for free via their soundcloud. Own the album from February.