by / February 10th, 2014 /

Circuit Breakers: Abandon Reason Records

A disused car park isn’t the usual inspiration for an entry into the music business, but for Declan Kelly that’s just where it all began. Using the Galway space for live shows, recording sessions and art projects, Kelly based a series of programmes for Curious Broadcast on the goings on. It was from here that Abandon Reason Records was born. Unfortunately its first release coincided with the loss of their inspiration. The all day launch gig for I’m In The Abyss was shut down by the guards and a few weeks later the car park was sealed up. It wasn’t the end of the label though. A second release, for Kelly’s own drone band Gorges, emerged on cassette (his medium of choice) last June – followed in the past few weeks by a record of that eventful final gig, Pouring God Into God.

Despite being a part time affair, Kelly has plenty of plans for Abandon Reason in 2014. Gorges will make their return and the love affair with tape continues, including a split release between Yawning Chasm and Brigid Power Ryce. There’s an ambition to push the boundaries too, especially on a project from Kelly and Kate Glavey (aka Burrows). Originally planned as an aural version of the photographic double-exposure film swap technique, it has developed a life all of its own and is moving into other areas. Add in plans to expand into photo books and comics and you have a truly modern cottage industry.

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