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Album Cover Remix Exhibition

Candy Karaoke

In a hark back to the good old days of making album covers with torn bits of paper and some cow gum, design-about-town team Candy Collective have organised over 70 of Ireland’s leading designers, photographers, illustrators, musicians and assorted creative minds to recreate their favourite album sleeves in as much a hand-made fashion as possible. Most of the pieces will be very special one-offs created for this event. Candy Karaoke is the show and it opens in the Monster Truck gallery, Francis Street on Thursday 19th June at 7pm – running until Monday July 1st. Get in early and snatch up an original piece of art for about the price of a bike (that’ll you’ll probably get stolen anyhow). BARGAIN!

We know these peeps involved in the show are the leading lights because they include State’s own art director, Simon Roche, plus visual contributors Bren B, Richard Gilligan and Lili Forberg amongst the great and the good such as U2 teamsters Four5one and playas like Angry, The Hive, Will St. Leger, D1 Recordings, Chris Judge, RedmanAKA – strewth, the list goes on.

This is the first of hopefully many events that sees the Candy team showcasing the talents of the great creative masses of our fair isle and it’s a fine and noble thing they are doing with this gathering. Get out and see what’s going on in those little creative corners where this country is really thriving and before you know it Temple Bar will be full of little huckstery shops again with people making album covers in the basements out of torn bits of paper and cow gum.

CandyKaraoke Exhibition
Thurs 19 June – Mon 1 July
Monster Truck Gallery, Francis Street, Dublin 8

Official Launch – open to all: Thursday 19 June, 7pm

(The artwork above is by BREN B, Alastair Keady, Ross McDonnell, Steve Doogan, Steve Simpson & Gavin Beattie.)