by / February 15th, 2012 /

Top Story: Album premiere: Deaf Joe – Burrowings

Muted, coiling and graceful, Burrowings is the debut album by folk-abstractionist Deaf Joe. A combination of acoustics, waltzing blues and ambient stretches, the album is both hypnagogic while rooted in familiar terrain and it is streaming below for your listening pleasure.

Deaf Joe will release Burrowings on The Delphi Label, this Friday, February 17th. He will play two shows to celebrate, the first in Waterford on Friday, 17th at SOMA, the second on Saturday, 18th in Block T, Dublin.


  1. ‘Slipping on Home’
  2. ‘Repent’
  3. ‘Bellynoises’
  4. ‘Winter’s Glow’
  5. ‘Fables’
  6. ‘It’s Alright’
  7. ‘Burrowing’
  8. ‘Over and Under’
  9. ‘The Holy Water’
  10. ‘Joanna’