by / November 17th, 2014 /

Introducing: apostrophic

Hailing from Vancouver, apostrophic (Colin O’Hearn by day), is creating the kind of dreamy, ambient soundscapes that one might attribute to living in a location as naturally beautiful as British Columbia.  O’Hearn’s mantra is a straightforward one: employing a mixture of hardware and software, the creative end is to make music that unfolds like a film or a dream before the listener, to evoke in the listener a personal narrative; a connection.  His debut EP, FLA, does so with ease; nestling sonically between early Boards of Canada and Bibio.  Ranging from atmospheric pad progressions to synthesised, lush and gentle breaks, O’Hearn seems to have a knack for constructing well-contained, evocative sounds, and if the tracks below are anything to go by then we can’t wait for more.  FLA is out now courtesy of Romeda Records.