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Podcast 04: Music in Games / Hope / Fence Collective

Guitar Hero IIISlash in Guitar Hero III

Our podcast this time around focuses on features in State Issue 03 such as Music in Video Games, the story of Hope Promoters and the Fence Collective’s fifth intimate Homegame festival in Fife, Scotland.

Joining us this time around:

Adrian Crowley – Irish singer and songwriter who played at the Homegame Festival and wrote a diary report for State on his experiences. He also tells us about bellydancers and a secret venue he’s thinking of using for his own festival in Ireland inspired by his experiences.

Dave McLaughlin – Dave wrote the Music and video Games piece for State and so comes in to elaborate on an ever growing trend.

Phil Udell – Our State editor talks about the fascinating story of the independent promoter Hope.

John Joe Worrall – Our podcast presenter, State contributor and all-round football nerd.

State Podcast 004; Music in Games / Hope / Fence Collective


Read more about Issue 03 here.

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  • I enjoyed the music in video game, and also like it very much.

  • James

    Hehe, that was rubbish. Nobody knew anything about games so it was a case of “Err.. I don’t know. I don’t play games. I’ve heard GTA4 is good” etc. etc.

    Lots of good composers in videogames for 20 years now, so it’s not just about liscenced stuff. Big videogame influcence coming into Grime at the moment. Called “Wonky”. Lots of mid range synths and general chaos. Crystal Castles have a good flavour of it as well.

  • JJ

    In all fairness chief, it’s not a games podcast and we all admitted as much – my interest in games ended on level 8 of Flimbo’s Quest back on the C64. David knows his stuff and personally I think it’s a damn fine article if ya get to read it.