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Podcast 05: Summer Festivals

FeileThe Féile crowd giving it socks.

With a milliard of festivals happening in Ireland this summer, State asked along seasoned festival goers, a festival hater and an experienced festival musician so they could discuss their festival experiences, the possibility of festival saturation and the joys of slumming it in a field.

Joining us this time around:

John Joe Worrall – Presenter, voice of reason. Seeks enjoyment from watching people hurt themselves at festivals.

Tanya Sweeney – Music journalist and vehement festival-hater. Tell us which festival we should send her to in the comments.

Paul Walsh – Singer with Royseven. Sneaked into Feile ’92. Once, wore white trousers to a festival.

Niall Byrne – Chronic festival attendee. Has attended Witnness through Oxegen for 7 years straight. Sporting a strong cold.

Phil UdellState editor and experienced festival-goer. Only stays around for 3 songs though.

Warning: There’s loads of bad language, mostly from Tanya’s mouth.

State Podcast 005: Summer Festivals


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  • Tanya

    I’m sufficiently mortified, if that’s any use to yiz…

  • Just read the article on Feile, one wonders will us “kids” look back on Oxegen in the same fondness in years to come, forgetting the shit weather, expensive booze and food, tent burning/slashing/pissing on, bad batches of drugs, scumbag security, leaving certs taking drugs for the first time and making arses of themselves, and knackers, knackers and more knackers?!! We probably will in fairness, remembering the good ‘ol days…hope the site doesn’t get sued by MCD for discussing Oxegen, if it does my bad!!

  • Thanks for reminding me of the mag. I am sure I will enjoy this musical experience.