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#9 – Choice Music Prize 2009

Last Wednesday, Ireland’s music masses turned out in force to find out who was to be crowned overall winner of the annual Choice Music Prize. Now in its fourth year, the award has become one of most highly sought after titles, with the winner being judged purely on their music, as opposed to album sales, popularity or even haircuts. This year was probably one of the most impressive shortlists with 2008 proving to be a great year for Irish album releases. But at the end of the night there could only be one winner and as you all probably know by now, that winner was Jape.

State headed down to Vicar Street on the day, to catch up with some of the acts playing later that night. In this special podcast Jules catches up with Fight Like Apes, Messiah J & the Expert, Halfset and of course the man himself, Jape to talk about albums, prize money and meth-clinics. There’s even a special live recording of “Phil Lynott” thrown in at the end for good measure, so check out what all the fuss was about and enjoy.

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Photo by Loreana Rushe.

  • dave

    Choice music prize is a joke. I wish Jape well with their music, but I think award shows like that invalidate musicians everywhere. And the judges are cocksuckers. And well. Its all a load of horsecock. OK.

  • Jules

    You may not like award shows but you have to admit, anything that gets people talking about Irish music, while encouraging people to buy their albums, as well as givin bands some much needed exposure, can only be a good thing!

  • I’m a little confused …What was the shortlisted ‘Choice’ for the Choice award and who chose it? …or if the choice was anything to do with Choice dog food, who chews it?
    Jape is an even bigger fruit n nutcase than me – so I’m guessing that it was in fact chosen by covering the said artists in dog food and setting two Collies and a labrador on them to decide the winner by seeing who gets licked clean first…With Jape being slightly smaller and less ticklish than the average artist (due in part to all those extra chemicals in his brain) it was kind of obvious that Corks Snowman had no chance.
    Awards are only truly worthwhile if their from the people who realy matter – ie your fans as in ‘they that actualy buy your albums and enable you to carry on’. Aside from that they are a handy media reminder that you’re still alive and making music.As far as any year goes choosing (or even chewsing) the best Irish album is almost impossible as they all get better every single year – lets face it we’ve got the best indie music scene in the entire world!