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Podcast 2: Super Extra Bonus Party, Rock Star Behaviour and Trashing Guitars

SEBP Choice winners by Liam Sweeney

Our second State podcast arrives so soon after the first, this time with guests Super Extra Bonus Party who we talk to about their recent surprise Choice Music Award win. It’s 42 minutes of random, informal banter.

Joining the State Podcast this time are Steve Conlon and Gavin Elsted from SEBP, Our editor Phil Udell, web editor and staff writer Niall Byrne aka nialler9, State contributor Johnnie Craig and presenter JJ Worrall (of the Okey Dokey Football blog).

Our chat takes in:

  • SEBP and the subsequent reaction to the Choice Prize win.
  • Their plans for the next year.
  • Rock Stars getting caught doing stupid things.
  • The pros and cons of trashing equipment onstage.
  • The Eels and The Queen of England.
  • Slash, Mark E Smith and Kildare rivalries.

A couple of Youtube videos are mentioned in the podcast so here the links:
Dillinger Escape Plan frontman crowd-running.
Keith Richards hitting a fan in the face.
The Eels Useless Trinkets 1 second Superbowl ad.

State Podcast 002: Super Extra Bonus Party, Rock Star Behaviour and Trashing Guitars


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Photo above by Liam Sweeney