by / August 5th, 2016 /

Track Premiere: Best Boy Grip – Fukushima

We recently had the pleasure of premiering ‘Love You More’ by Eoin O’Callaghan’s Wake America project, but he’s arguably better known to many as Best Boy Grip. Fans that we are, we’re delighted to be able to share with you a brand new track by O’Callaghan under his Best Boy Grip guise, ‘Fukushima’, which has already (and understandably) been championed by the likes of Tom Robinson and BBC 6 Music. Click play to hear why..

A little off the straight and narrow that O’Callaghan typically follows with much aplomb, ‘Fukushima’ makes for an interesting proposition. Lyrically exploring a story linked to the ghost town of Fukushima, the Japanese city that tragically fell to a nuclear incident, the track matches its twisting and turning vocal lines with angular guitar lines and a frenzied rhythm. Melodically jarring, the song itself carries a startling aesthetic that’s confident and accomplished.

Listen to a live rendition below.

‘Fukushima’ is out today on Amelia Records.