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Incoming: Blossoms

Who are you and where are you from?

Blossoms from Stockport.

Who are your favourite artists from home?

There aren’t many traditionally ‘Stockport’ bands from years gone by, growing up so close to Manchester you’d have to go with The Smiths, Stone Roses and Oasis. 10cc and their activity with Strawberry Studios is probably the best Stockport connection we’re all fans of.

What’s it really like touring?

Early mornings, long journeys in the back of vans, service station Greggs, 3pm soundchecks, Pizza Express for tea, Stella, Luther Vandross – ‘Never Too Much’; and Travelodges.

What’s your favourite city/town/venue to play?

We love playing King Tuts Glasgow, the crowd are always up for it there and when the crowd give you a good vibe it immediately bleeds into your performance too.

What’s your ideal festival line-up?

Abba, The Smiths, Arctic Monkeys and Drake.

What has been your biggest achievement of the year?

Probably selling out The Ritz in Manchester then within two weeks of that selling out The Albert Hall too.

What has been the worst moment of the year?

Myles left his laptop with all his keyboard sounds and basically his brain of Blossoms in the back of a taxi after our show with Libertines. The taxi was flagged down and there’s no trace of it anywhere.

What was the worst piece of advice you were given?

”Saying you’re from ‘Stockport’ isn’t getting you anywhere you should say you’re from somewhere else…”

What do you do to relax?

Go to the Puss in Boots pub in Stockport and get a carvery.

What are you reading?

Actually, this online blog – explains where Morrissey got a lot of his influences from for his lyrics. Quite interesting actually.

How about TV, anything good on the box?

Making a Murderer on Netflix and Luther, also on Netflix.

Do you have a favourite YouTube video?

Yeah the one where that prefect at school loses it shouting and screaming at those lads in the corridor. ‘Get out nowwwwwww!

What website do you visit most?

Never really have time to just sit down and go on websites to be honest. All done on your phone nowadays and we’re always updating our social media so you’d probably have to say that; Twitter Facebook etc.

What is your favourite:


Suck it and See by the Arctic Monkeys.


‘Waterfall’ – The Stone Roses

Lost classic song?

‘Sloop John B’ – Beach Boys

Record label?

Virgin EMI of course!

Who is your favourite current artist?

Probably Drake you know.

A new artist that you are most excited about?

The Vryll Society from Liverpool, good friends of ours joining us on our UK tour. Great band with great songs.

What was the last great gig you have seen?

The Stone Roses at Heaton Park probably.

Worst show?

Nothing springs to mind, I probably left without having time to take it all in and remember them.

What should we expect from your Irish shows?

A great collection of songs from a band who really mean it.

Blossoms play Dublin’s The Academy on February 5th, with tickets to be found here. Want to win a pair? Head over to our Facebook or Twitter profile and simply ‘like’ and share/retweet.