by / October 14th, 2016 /

Top Story: Burnt Out continue to impress with ‘Joyrider’

An opening salvo of confessional spoken-word pathos; drugs, violence, despair and pulsating anxiety offered to the listener in as bleak, black & white a way as the video that unfolds, ‘Joyrider’ by Burnt Out is one of the strongest tracks we’ve heard this year so far, and that list includes their March offering ‘Dear James’. Evoking the likes of early Dublin alt-rockers Whipping Boy, the visceral, soaring guitars and uncompromising lyrical diatribe conform to little else delivered in such raw and relentless style.

An audio-visual experience, ‘Joyrider’ explores the “systematic concept of masculinity with regard to violence and emotions, aiming to highlight the destructive nature masculine expectation has on the adolescent and those surrounding” – a continuing concern for the North Dublin multi-disciplinary outfit that’s extended through subtle brutality and angst-ridden anguish over the course of the accompanying video.

Burnt Out truly are on the cusp of something extraordinary.