by / May 23rd, 2016 /

Album Stream: Buz Ludzha – Jungle Tapes

Digging deeper into his ‘tape throb’ mode of production, Derry electronica maestro Buz Ludzha (aka The Cyclist/Andrew Morrison), has launchd his latest work Jungle Tapes through his own Tape Throb Records imprint that celebrates the dusty, reel-to-reel crackling timbres he has made a name for himself with on past efforts.

A collection of looping jungle beats and punk-inspired melodic samples, Jungle Tapes comes after a string of warm, distorted EPs that straddled the fine line between experimental and conventional house and techno. The MO of the label, according to Morrison, is that “Tape Throb Records will look to release music which stems from the same nonconformity and desire to distort, blend, warp and innovate in the world of dance music. Now the platform has expanded from a bedroom in Derry to a recognised genre amongst those in the know the label will look to bring in more fledgling artists who share the same unconventional creative ethos and build Tape Throb from a niche sound to a movement. A movement that is at once soulful and punchy, warm but with a distinct sprinkling of fuck you.”

Jungle Tapes certainly fits the bill, ebbing and flowing with breakneck syncopation and considered rhythm across its eight tracks, showcasing a new point of no return for Morrison, as he continues down a path of finely-tuned, yet anarchic sonic compositions. One for the deep, dark basement dance-floors, and that’s no bad thing we reckon.

Jungle Tapes is out now and can be bought here, which we highly recommend you do. It’s ace.