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Top Story: Camden Crawl Dublin interview: Tieranniesaur

As well as featuring a range of international acts, next weekend’s Camden Crawl Dublin will also feature the cream of home grown talent. Once such band are Tieranniesaur, the seven piece who have grown from a home recording into one of the country’s most exciting names in less than a year. State spoke to Annie Tierney about the past few months….

We’re approaching the first anniversary of the album’s release – what have been the high points of the period?

Having the album on Playbutton & cassette, playing the Body & Soul festival and getting nominated for the Choice.

Was it difficult to translate a record made at home into a full band experience?

It was fairly easy really. We have a pretty laid back attitude towards it. We have to be fluid because we don’t have the full band a lot of the time so we are very adaptable. I think that keeps things fresh.

What were your initial hopes for the album’s release?

I just wanted it to be heard and I hoped that people would like it.

Do you see its success as a flag bearer for the Popical Island collective as a whole?

Yes definitely, getting nominated for the Choice was nice because I think it shows how far you can get with support from your pals.

Did your experience in other bands prepare you for this time round?

Yes, it helps to have that because you take things with a pinch of salt and don’t get carried away. My previous experience was of a very different time. It’s virtually impossible for bands to make money these days; everyone else gets paid before the musician does. It’s just a hobby for me. We just try not to lose money on it.

Does having a band made up from musicians who play with so many other people act as a benefit?

Yes it gives perspective. We can be a physically exhausted sometimes because we’re working full time on top of music. I do find it tricky getting all seven members together but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it when we’re all together.

Tieranniesaur play the Camden Crawl Dublin on 11th and 12th May, venues to be announced on the day. Tickets are on sale now priced €40 for the weekend, €25 per day.