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Castlepalooza and Indiependence 2013: State’s 20 to See

With KnockanStockan having just passed and now with Castlepalooza and Indiependence laying claim to the same weekend, this is the time for Irish acts to make their mark without fear of being marginalised by international headliners. Sure, this weekend’s festivals have their fair share of non-Irish goodness (Ghostpoet, De La Soul, Bosnian Rainbows, etc.), but those heading down to Charleville Castle and Deer Park will be celebrating artists from these shores getting their turn in the spotlight. The two festivals share quite a few acts between them, so here’s what we think you should check out if you happen to be in the vicinity of either…

And So I Watch You From Afar | Canadian Main Stage – 12am, Friday (Indiependence) | Vodafone Main Stage – 10:45pm, Sunday (Castlepalooza)

A big weekend for one of the country’s best bands, and another chance to hear the fantastic All Hail Bright Futures in an optimal live context.

Bell X1 | Canadian Main Stage – 11pm, Saturday (Indiependence)

From the old school to 2013 festival headliners via a canny reinvention, the Bell X1 story continues to run and run.

Bosnian Rainbows | Maxol Big Top – 10.30pm, Friday (Indiependence)

Omar Rodriguez’s latest project may not prove the easiest of Friday night listens but, given his form as a live performer, you’d probably miss them at your peril.

De La Soul | Canadian Main Stage – 11.30pm, Friday (Indiependence)

Hip-hop pioneers now slightly on the margins, last year’s First Serve project proved that De La Soul have still got it in them.

Halves | Maxol Big Top – 3.30pm, Saturday (Indiependence) | Metro-Herald Stage – 5:15pm, Sunday (Castlepalooza)

Their ain’t no party like a Boa Howl part, cos a Boa Howl party don’t stop. Honestly though, Halves are working their arses off right now, and you should count yourself lucky if you get to see them this weekend.

Last Days of 1984 | Vodafone Main Stage – 9:15pm, Saturday (Castlepalooza)

The Dublin duo will be peddling their thick, luxurious brand of electro-pop, hoping to turn a few heads in Offaly on Saturday night.

Little Bear | Vodafone Main Stage – 4:45pm, Sunday (Castlepalooza)

Emotional frankness amid stoic indie proves to be a winsome combination, and the Derry quartet should be making waves sometime soon. They’ve got a mid-afternoon slot to make their mark.

Meltybrains? | Metro-Herald Stage – 12:45pm, Sunday (Castlepalooza)

Meltybrains? play over 12 hours before Le Galaxie close this year’s Castlepalooza, but they could easily be LG’s heirs apparent. They’re quite a bit trippier, but the Maynooth post-poppers will bring the comedy, the energy and the tunes regardless.

Miracle Bell | Metro-Herald Stage – 6pm, Friday (Castlepalooza) | Canadian Main Stage – 4pm, Saturday (Indiependence)

Haven taken time out to regroup as a duo, the synth poppers return.

The Notas | Vodafone Main Stage – 4pm, Sunday (Castlepalooza)

Ireland’s multicultured contribution to the world of slow-burning, spectral indie music.

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