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State's Videos of the Week: Charles Bradley, Warpaint, Broncho & more

There is a thread on Reddit called, Apocalympics2016, and it is updated with incredulous incidents to happen as a result of, and during the Rio Olympics. Some of the baffling occurrences shared so far include;

“USA basketball players accidentally visit brothel – thought it was a spa.”

“French gymnast breaks leg in three places when landing vault.”

“There is no coffee in the Olympic Village.”

My favourite one has been, “Rio 2016: Team [Great Britain] swimming kit goes missing from Olympic Village leaving athletes without swimwear.”

It goes without saying that The Olympics is one of the most watched and enjoyed sporting events, despite the fact that when asked, a ton of people would struggle to list all of the twenty-six sports that test the endurance and disciplines of the sportsmen and women competing for gold medals. The games have been taking place for less than 48 hours, yet the event has already been plagued with controversy stemming months before the opening ceremony. It is unfortunate because everyone involved in the Olympics, the athletes competing, the coaches, spectators and avid enthusiasts wait four years to share the excitement and unpredictability of the games. The same goes for music. Without realising it, we channel a lot of energy into waiting for new material from some of our favourite bands. I’ve become more aware of this niggling impatience in recent months, after waiting for the Mercury nominated The Bride by Bat For Lashes and currently counting down the days until September for the release of Angel Olsen’s forthcoming record, My Woman. This week Atmosphere announced that they are ready to unveil a new album soon after their previous record, which was met with resounding shock and euphoria amongst their legions of fans.  Meanwhile artists like Charles Bradley waited nearly his whole life to have the creative freedom to write and record music that is the truest representation of himself, and not the musicians that he impersonated to entertain nightclub goers. But, the timing was right for these people and for most of the athletes taking part in the Rio Olympics, the music is finely tuned and the work has been put in to make the discus go the distance. 

Music is just like the Olympics, it’s unpredictable but it’s all in good sport.

Charles Bradley – ‘Good To Be Back Home’ (Daptone)

“I’m home, America. I’ve been all over the world.” Charles Bradley gives us a glimpse into the life of a touring artist, a soulful man in demand, in his latest video, ‘Good to be Back Home.’ Opening with a tender moment between the singer and a domesticated bird, the storyline shifts between Bradley’s solitude on the streets to scenes from the stage performing with his band. It’s baffling to think that Changes, released on April Fool’s day this year, is Bradley’s third studio album. The popularity of his music has steadily grown since he was discovered by Gabriel Roth, co-founder of Daptone Records, performing as a James Brown impersonator. Brown’s vocal style and musical influence is obvious in Bradley’s sound, but he is no longer an imitation artist.

While the video is not overtly exciting, it is worth watching for the prolonged shots of Charles Bradley’s incredible scowl. He makes Rihanna’s resting bitch face look like a warm welcome after a long, hard day.

Atmosphere –  ‘Pure Evil’

Atmosphere are not ones to leave their fans waiting too long for new music especially after the news of that they were about to release their eleventh album, Fishing Blues after 2014’s Southsiders. The latter received a mixed reaction from critics and fans, but it seems that Slug and Ant are back on track with ‘Pure Evil.’ In the video we’re left with an image of a naked American Policeman burning his uniform on the beach, giving us another side to the devastating effects that police brutality has had in recent months. However, surely he should know that you can get arrested for that sort of public indecency? I wonder what Judge Judy would have to say about that kind of behaviour?

Savoy Motel – ‘Souvenir Shop Rock’  (What’s Your Rupture?)

I was very on the fence about whether to include Savoy Motel’s video for their second single, ‘Souvenir Shop Rock.’ To say that the band were slightly irritating throughout the video would be an understatement. The boiler suits and other painfully cool sartorial creations bordered on satirical, their commitment to being an overtly contrived band really ruined the song for me. It’s a shame because the song is really enjoyable to listen to on headphones, but this is the perfect example of how a bad music video can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

Broncho – ‘Speed Demon’ (Dine Alone Music)

BRONCHO are Ryan Lindsey, Penny Pitchlynn and Nathan Price, an indie trio based in Oklahoma. Their second album entitled, Just Enough Hip to Be Woman was followed by the release of Double Vanity in June of this year. They are just some of the basics you need to know about this promising band. Their music would not have been out of place played alongside Parquet Courts and Ty Segall. ‘Speed Demon’ is a high energy song with a tinny garage layer and the video represents this desire to emit a nonchalant, grungy image.

Notable Mention… ‘New Song’ of the Week…

Warpaint – ‘New Song’ (Rough Trade)

So it isn’t an official video, but this was my new music highlight of the week. It has been three years since Warpaint released their self-titled sophomore album. In the interim all of the band members took a step back from developing their sound as Warpaint, and instead made music independently. This time apart has proven to have injected a freshness into their music, which has been reincarnated with a pop-ier tempo married with a very sing-a-long chorus. I implore you to listen to ‘New Song’ in a public setting and refrain from subtle finger dancing. It’s an infectious song. Sound of the summer….? I think so.