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Choice Music Prize nominations announced

The Choice Music Prize shortlist has been announced today. The ten best albums as judged by a panel of media professionals including one of the State team is (in alphabetical order):

  1. Fight Like Apes – Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion (Model Citizen)
  2. Mick Flannery – White Lies (EMI)
  3. Halfset – Another Way of Being There (Casino Gravity Records)
  4. Lisa Hannigan – Sea Sew (Own label)
  5. David Holmes – The Holy Pictures (Canderblinks)
  6. Jape – Ritual (Co-Op)
  7. Messiah J & The Expert – From The Word Go (Inaudible)
  8. Oppenheimer Take The Whole Mid-Range And Boost It (Fantastic Plastic)
  9. R.S.A.G. – Organic Sampler (Psychonavigation)
  10. The Script – The Script (Sony Music)

The judges are:
Niall Byrne (State/Nialler9 blog)
Edel Coffey (Irish Independent)
Ian Dempsey (Today FM)
James Foley (Record of the Day)
Andrew Hamilton (Clare People)
Kieran Hurley (Cork Campus Radio)
Paul Mallon (Irish Daily Star Sunday)
Lauren Murphy (
Sinead Ni Mhorda (Phantom FM)
Ed Power (Freelance)
Rigsy (BBC Northern Ireland¹s Across The Line/ATL TV)
Ian Wilson (2FM)

The Choice Music Prize live event will be held at Vicar Street, Dublin on Wednesday March 4th.

  • Jules

    woo-hoo! go RSAG!

  • Yeah, I just noticed that Niall was a judge. Interesting…

    I was surprised/gutted not to see Adebisi Shank on there, since the general blog commenters’ consensus seemed to be they had a decent chance, but I guess it’s still not the kind of music that excited everyone. That shall change!

    I still think Jape will win, although I have several records here I’d prefer to it. RSAG’s is my favourite of the nominees.

  • ONE DAY INTERNATIONAL!!! where are they

  • Lou

    What about story of hair?? They had an amazing album, cheap rate… ??? I’m bewildered!

  • Jellyman

    The Script??? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Beardy

    YUS! The Script woohoo, my panites are wet with glee, i am gonna kiss my Danny O’Donoghue posters tonight i can tell you!

  • Is there any significance to the way the albums are ordered on the site? It seems like anything other than alphabetical order would be a bit counter-intuitive.

  • Shitty design?

  • Dave

    WOW…. no Ham Sandwich?

    Brown Thomas must be more influential than I thought!

    Jeez… though, really thought Ham Sandwich would be first on the list.

    FLapes = over-rated.

  • sarah

    the script indeed, what about FRED, great album, great band, did i mention it was a great album?

  • Colin

    Robotnik, Story of a Hair, Carly Sings all omitted. I wonder were they even considered!?

  • Mikey Graham

    Something very fishy there with HamsandwicH omitted alright…

    Fred had a brilliant year but was that album from this year? Hmmmm, yes it probably was. Silly me.

    Hope to win: Jape or Messiah J

    Shocker: RSAG

    ZZZZ: Lisa Hannigan

    To piss everyone off: The script!